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Bedwetting after being 'dry' for over a year!

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SparklyFairy Thu 21-Aug-08 22:33:12

Hi, i have a DD who is 3 and half.
She was out of nappies in the day time at 22 months and out of them at night at 26 months, and has been dry at night since then, up until about 3 weeks ago where she is waking up wet in the night 3-4 times a week. Just wondered if anyone out there has had the same problem as i have no idea what to do about it? And do you think it is because she was out of nappies at a young age?

jeanybeeny Sun 24-Aug-08 16:20:20

I've got this problem with DS1, and put it down to trying to potty train too early when he really was'nt ready. This was mainly due to pressure from my mum and MIL, who kept nagging me he should be out of night nappies by now! I've put him back in nappies, because I can't be doing with wet beds nearly every night. He does'nt seem bothered and is much happier. I'm not worried about it, because there are lots of DC in nappies, day and night, at this age. In fact, I have a friend who's DD is still in night nappies at age six.

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