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constipated/holding poo in during when to see a doctor?

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vannah Wed 20-Aug-08 22:55:49

We're on day 5, first day - no poo. Next day, he did it we were thrilled, rewarded heavily. Day 3 pooed a lot, think he had a bug so he had no choice but to keep going, meanwhile I gave him diarlyte, potatoes and rice. But blocked him up. Now 2 days have passed and no poo.

Gave him lots of fluids today, plums, smoothie..normal food..
he's either frightened of the potty or is genuinely bunged up.
How long do I wait before I have to see a doctor? Should I put a nappy on him for this or is that a big no?

He is almost 3, and has weeing down to a fine art by the way


ches Thu 21-Aug-08 03:37:45

It's quite normal after a bout of diarrhoea not to go for a day or two. Your system gets cleared out and then takes a day or two for the food that was kept down/in to make it through the digestive system.

vannah Fri 22-Aug-08 23:31:37

thanks ches. he is ok now...

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