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DD only goes in her nappy and only once a day.....

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mppaw Tue 19-Aug-08 21:24:04

My DD is 2 and a half. She started having dry nappies about 4 months ago, so started putting her in knickers (Which she loved). She doesn't have any accidents, but when she wants to go she asks for a nappy to be put on. Have tried her on the loo and potty, but she ends up not going at all, ALL DAY. So thought it would be better that she goes in a nappy then not at all til bedtime !! Anyway, it has not got to a stage where she only goes once in the day, about 6pm. The nappy is is SO wet, it is like a night time nappy ! Am worried that she is holding her wee and could lead to urine problems. Any ideas or thoughts would be appreicated.
PS. First time on here, so please bear with me.Thx

swallowsandamazons Wed 20-Aug-08 20:47:36


mppaw Thu 21-Aug-08 07:04:16

Mis posting Swallows ?

findusjackson Sun 24-Aug-08 21:10:41

Oh I'm pleased to have found you, Mppaw! Not that I have any advice, but that we're experiencing same issue. DD is 3.1, loves wearing pants and will happily sit on the potty or toilet but refuses to wee/poo unless she's got a nappy on. A couple of days she's held on for so long I've put a nappy on her because I'm worried, like you, that she'll end up with an infection. At nursery they say she's fine, trotting off to the toilets with the other children but I'm sure she's not actually doing anything because she'll put a nappy on at home and it's wet through after a couple of minutes. She's dry at night so I know she's got the sensation and control, she just seems to be afraid of/worried about the potty/toilet, or maybe she really likes the sensation of weeing in a nappy??!! We've decided just to play along for the time being, lots of praise and encouragement etc but if anyone had the magic solution I'd be delighted to hear it!

mppaw Thu 28-Aug-08 11:23:44

Hi FUJackson...thanks for posting, nice to know this is not totally unheard of. I am thinking this is a girl thing as I have spoke to a couple of friends with DD's and they have the same thing whereby they only go a toilet once maybe twice a day if they are lucky and their DD's are 4/5 years old.
Have not even thought about night time yet as she still has a bottle before bed time.
I have thought about putting rewards in the toilet, so if she goes on the loo she can pick a treat out, but this seems a bit extreme to me. Like you say, if anyone has the solution would love to know.

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