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expectations on 1st day of potty training - reassurance please!

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olivo Tue 19-Aug-08 10:30:29

Am i right to expect not very much on the 1st day of pottty training? only started today, have had 3 accidents and no hits so far. am taking dd to the loo every half hour or if she asks, and asking every 10 mins or so (she's fed up of me grin)she is just 2 next week but had been performing on the loo both here and at nursery since about june, maybe once of twice a day, but still in nappy pants. toady i have put her in real pants.
any advice/reassurance welcome!

dingdong05 Tue 19-Aug-08 11:51:54

Ah but nursery has lots of others using the loo, and that makes it much more fun
Does she tell you she needs the loo but then doesn't quite make it? If so you could try letting her run about with no bottoms on (in the house if its warm enough obv!) so there's nothing to slow her down! And a potty somewhere socialble (not ideal I know, but just for a couple of weeks til she gets the hang of it.) would make it an independent thing for her to do and wouldn't remove her from all the fun in the house- although I would still be asking her every now and again as my ds wouldn't notice if he was busy.

olivo Tue 19-Aug-08 12:30:10

that's true dingdong- it was her traipsing round after some of the bigger girls that got her interested in the loo! and the accessibility i guess; those cute little loos are easy to get on, she cant even get on ours using the step, she's quite small!

unfortunately, she wont go near a potty but tends to tell me as she's doing it for a wee and just before for a poo. after waking up from her nap ( where she stayed dry) she did a wee on the loo and so was duly rewarded with a sticker!

Fortunately, she is back to nursery next week, hopefully they'll have a few tricks up their sleeve.......[hopeful emoticon]!

littleducks Tue 19-Aug-08 12:32:34

first day is pretty crappy! but by day 3 you should see a vast improvement if she is ready!

olivo Tue 19-Aug-08 13:00:34

thanks littleducks, that's what i'm hoping for, and i was wondering when we might know. we're staying in today, but got friends coming round tommorrow and will probably have to venture at least to the park on thursday.i'm not very good at staying in but at least the weather is ok so we can be in the garden.
roll on day 3...!

seeker Tue 19-Aug-08 13:03:24

Don't do it. If she's not asking to use the loo it's too early. You'll spend ages asking and mopping up puddles. Wait a few months and it will just happen.

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