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It should be his acheivement not hers.

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bobbybob Tue 15-Feb-05 23:27:33

My ds is 2 next week and my mum and dad are coming to NZ.

My mum is bringing many packets of underpants and is like a woman on a mission. "I will get him on that potty".

As he can't pull his own pants down, at all, let alone in time, he is not ready and she should just leave him alone, not even mention it.

But she will, it will be 3 weeks of constant harping on about it, spoiling what should be an enjoyable time together. Just to be a hypocrite she will also want to take him out all the time - which isn't compatible with training.

Why can't she just accept that nappies are the most convenient way of everyone enjoying the trip?

Should I just hide the potty, the toilet seat and the step until after she goes?

Will she give ds a complex and make it even more difficult when we do try?

HunkerMunker Tue 15-Feb-05 23:30:19

Aw, hun - pressure and toilet-training, a match made in heaven (not!). Make sure he has a big drink and sits on her lap a lot if he's wearing underpants

bobbybob Tue 15-Feb-05 23:34:16

Yeah and if I make that drink a breastfeed she won't know which to bitch about first!

HunkerMunker Tue 15-Feb-05 23:36:17

She sounds delightful, Bobbybob. I'd develop selective deafness and a drink habit to help me through the three weeks I think.

bobbybob Tue 15-Feb-05 23:42:55

Not too much of a drink habit though - I don't want to be in need of nappies myself!

HunkerMunker Tue 15-Feb-05 23:45:33

True. And you need to keep that breastmilk untainted by copious amounts of gin so you can feed it to DS in front of her!

Amanda3266 Wed 16-Feb-05 00:04:23

OMG. Isn't it just great. My DS was 2 on 20th December and my dear Mum is now saying

"Has he got a potty yet"


"Haven't you tried/started putting him on the potty - don't want to be changing nappies forever"


"I'll help you with it all"

I'm a HV ffs - she still thinks I'm hopeless.
What the obsession with it all is I know not. She nearly had a fit when I said I was planning to wait for summer when DS will be largely naked.

bobbybob Wed 16-Feb-05 00:16:37

That's the problem, here in NZ it is summer (well the last few days of it) and so I think that's adding to her panic. I think the start of next summer will be fine unless ds thinks differently, in which case we will use the dryer a lot!

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