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announcing a poo or wee - will she ever do it?

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Woollymummy Mon 18-Aug-08 14:00:30

My DD is completely verbose on most subjects, never stops talking for a minute, but seems unable or unwilling to announce that she needs a nappy change - fine if I am watching her every move and notice a tell-tale wiggle, but not fine if I am not around, as other DP and Grandparents always seem to forget to check. then she gets a sore bottom,etc

how can I get her to tell me of her own accord that she needs a nappy change? We have tried stickers, but nothing seems to have come of that yet. shall we keep trying that, or try something else? Any tips? She does tell me in a non-verbal way by coming over and snuggling/leaning on me, but I occasionally forget that is a signal and think she is just being affectionate!

Shitehawk Mon 18-Aug-08 14:08:15

How old is she? A lot depends on that.

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