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Motherease wraps sizing

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LadyBee Mon 18-Aug-08 13:03:31

Hi, I'm starting up with reusables and have a Real Nappies for London voucher to spend, I was going to buy Motherease wraps as they're fairly easy to find in the stores mentioned on my voucher - the nappies I want aren't stocked in lots of the stores.
As far as I can see Motherease wraps come in Small (2.75-5.5kg/ 6-12lb), Medium (4.5-9kg/ 10-20lb), Medium/Large (9-12kg/ 20-27lb), Large (9-16kg/ 20-35lb) . My DS is currently just on 8kg / 17lb 9. Should I go for the 9-12kg wraps? Would aplix or popper fastening help the most?
Any suggestions of other wraps are fine, but bear in mind they need to be commonly stocked items.

BigBadMousey Mon 18-Aug-08 13:17:02

Stick with Motherease! They are the best really - you may find others that work just as well for you but it might be a hit and mis affair, Motherease work very well for most babies.

What nappies will they be going over? That will have some bearing on whether you go for Rikki (Velcro) or Airflow (popper). I prefer the Airflow, it is very adjustable but now I use Sandy's for DS, they are the better fitting option anyway.

It's hard to say which size would be best for your DS right now without knowing what shape he is. I would tend to say go for the Medium then straight to large. My DS is 6kg and chunky and still fits into a small airflow so, going by your weight guidelines, they have some leeway built into the upper weight limit. They have a good second hand value so you can always sell on to fund the next size up when the time comes. With DD2 we went straight from medium to large - she is skinny.

LadyBee Mon 18-Aug-08 13:29:12

They're going over Little Lambs cotton aplix which I just received today and Bambinex (don't know fastening yet as haven't chosen them yet, still aquiring smile)

DS is starting to chunk up around the thighs and belly - he used to be more long and slim but big for his age (IFYSWIM), now I reckon he's just round. grin

I was inclined to go for airflow because I thought two layers of velcro might be a bit much, but didn't know whether the poppers would let me adjust tighter if I needed to for a bit.

BigBadMousey Mon 18-Aug-08 13:40:58

Either wrap will go over those two so I guess it's up to you!

Chances are your DS is going through a chunky phase (as they do) and will go long and thin again later. I'd go for the airflow - it doesn't need to be done up very tightly for it to work and it is suprisingly adjustable. I agree with your setiment about two lots of velcro IMO - it makes for a very rigid waistband.

LadyBee Mon 18-Aug-08 16:29:42

Great, thanks BBM, you've been so helpful smile

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