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Sandy's v bamboozles - help please!!!

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sunflower78 Mon 18-Aug-08 09:12:57


I know you get asked these questions all the time, but after having spent the last two weeks on the net I'm a bit confused about reusables! it's a whole new big world!!

I've already got a few different types, but at first glance (baby's not due for another two weeks) the sandy's look my favourite - looks slim and less fiddly for DP, and I like the idea of being able to fit thighs and waist independently. I have some totbots fluffles (popper) but think they'll be used at night as they look quite bulky. Found a place selling sandy's cheap for another week (trying to remember which site now as I have so many in my head I'm going dizzy) - I thought I would order 10 size small in bamboo, as I have the 5 fluffles and 2 NB sandys normal terry (hard water here so think I should go for bamboo) - would it be ebough?.

I'd like a slim fitting nappy (got onto reusables with DS1 late and he hated the bulk of the cotton bottms prefold and always took them off, hadn't discovered all the vareties then!), good containment (breastfed baby), but don't mind too much the drying time, as I can always finish off with dryer or use muslins if nothing's dry. But both the Sandy's and the Bamboozles seem to fit the bill on paper, so would really welcome your experienced opinion before I spend all that money!! Also, is there much difference in performance between Sandy's terry and bamboo?

Thanks in advance!

nowwearefour Mon 18-Aug-08 09:16:01

WE had one bamboozle and the rest sandys for little size and went on to buy all sandys for bgger size/ the bamboozles seem to smell and take AGES to dry and i just didnt reeally get on with them. but that is just my experience so others may have different ones!

BigBadMousey Mon 18-Aug-08 10:23:15

No contest - Sandy's win every time without any doubt!

Your plan is a good one because you'll have a mix of slow and quick drying nappies. The Sandy's are quite slow drying - the bamboo take longer but are wonderfully soft. I'm not sure why you have 2 XS and 10S planned though, if you expect you'll have a 8lb baby then go straight for S - if you think your baby might be smaller then maybe plan to use terry squares or disposables for the first few weeks. The XS is excellent but they won't last long so bear that in mind.

Sandy's are relatively slim fitting - more baggy between the legs like a disposable but not any more bulky than most other cloth nappies. The containment is excellent.

There isn't much in it between the drying time of a bamboozle and a cotton sandy's - bamboo sandys take longer to dry than bamboozles but are far, far more absorbant. Also you have no stiff velcro band around your newborns tummy with Sandy's - a huge bonus for us. DS wet through a bamboozle in 30 mins - 1hr, cotton sandy's last for 2-3hrs and bamboo longer. I'm not sure how much as they still aren't up to max absorbancy yet but it is going to be a fair bit more because they lasted 2hrs without any prewashing shock.

The sandy's terry goes hard quite quickly - the bamboo is the best option in your circumstances I believe (becasue you are happy to finish them off ina drier).

FYI - My stash for DS (12wo) is

6 x Bamboo Sandy's
4 X Cotton Sandy's
6 Fuzzis

and that works very well.

Airflow wraps work best with the sandy's but will make them a bit bulky. The airflow was initially designed to go over the sandy's so it is sort of made to measure!

The bamboo sandy will be far more absorbant than your fluffles btw so you may prefer those for night time (esp if you buy a booster or two!)

There is a photo of my DS aged 5 weeks I think in a small fluffle and a small Cotton Sandy's if you want to compare the fit.

sunflower78 Mon 18-Aug-08 10:56:09


thanks for advice smile! Need to order the sandy's now (will feel so much better when I've done that as I've even been dreaming about nappies blush and feel I'm going insane!) Happy you've both confirmed what I was more inclined on, just need to find that piece of paper where I wrote the name of the site with Sandy's on sale...

Thanks for the pics too bigbadmousey - I also have a wanderoo, but I have put it in the back of the drawer, as I thought it looked far too big for newborn, and the pics of your lovely DS confirmed it!!

Have a great day!

sunflower78 Mon 18-Aug-08 11:56:21

I have finally found the paper and ordered the sandy's, plus a couple of wraps and boosters!!grin

If you are interested, they are on sale until next Monday at, sandy's bamboo small £7, large £7.60, boosters too

Thanks again for your helpful advice, feel a lot lighter (well, will do after baby arrives!)

BigBadMousey Mon 18-Aug-08 13:00:07

Thanks for the link smile - good luck with new arrival.

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