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Help with potty training needed

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LittleMyDancingForJoy Sat 16-Aug-08 09:47:30

so DS (2.4) is not very interested in potty training. If I say 'shall we sit on the potty' he almost always says no, or he sits on it for a millisecond before running off.

I thought we'd wait until he was a bit more interested, esp as I'm 6 weeks pg and feeling really sick! but then went to the park yesterday and two of his friends were there, in big boy pants, with potties.

So then he started asking for big boy pants again and so we're doing that, but with very little success. He still won't sit on the potty for more than five seconds, and this morning we had a poo accident on the kitchen floor, which made him cry, and he said 'a disgusting poo, on the floor!' (we've never called it disgusting in front of him, so I don't know where he's got this from)

He knows when he's done something, he comes and tells me his nappy's leaking (it's not, but I think he means he's feeling wet), but hates having his nappy changed so that's always a battle.

Not sure where to go from here. Is he too little? should we wait? persevere? I've only read Gina Ford's book on the subject and beyond telling me to buy lots of things I didn't find it very useful. Tried books, TV etc, on the potty, still nothing.

LittleMyDancingForJoy Sat 16-Aug-08 10:08:26


LittleMyDancingForJoy Sat 16-Aug-08 10:31:26 to change another pair of pants

oiwhatsoccurring Sat 16-Aug-08 10:44:49

Hi little my dd is 2.3 and Weds I thought right no nappy and told her she would only have a nappy when going to bed, I asked her like every 2 mins did she need a wee, now she is pooping and weeing without being asked and is only the third day.

I would really be relaxed about it, it could be he won't be ready for another couple of months, if you push it to much you might make him go backwards. Good luck

LittleMyDancingForJoy Sat 16-Aug-08 11:30:17

Thanks - glad your DD is doing so well. Long may it continue!

oiwhatsoccurring Sat 16-Aug-08 11:48:29

Yes I am hoping too, but have been trying since she was 15mths old so have been due it

BuwchBywiog Sat 16-Aug-08 12:02:14

MY DS is 2.10 and has shown no interest whatsoever in the pasy, I was advised not to put pressure on him if there were other huge things happening in his life. DD is now nearly 6 months old so we're about to try him to see if he will show more interest this time, although maybe now isn't the best time either as I'm due to go back to work! I am hoping he will decided one of these days that he wants to do it himself.

ches Sat 16-Aug-08 23:18:35

Buy some underwear with a fold of material in front that makes a pocket. That lets you stuff something absorbent in there and cuts the washing down to just undies. It takes some kids a while to get the hang of it, and as long as you let him know that he's doing great and that accidents are okay, keep at it and he'll get there soon enough. Going back to nappies to save laundry might dent his ego. Explain to him that his friends have accidents too.

lilymolly Sat 16-Aug-08 23:26:16

I think he is perhaps a bit too young.

JayneF Thu 21-Aug-08 14:22:51

Tips for keeping the little fella on the potty....but always sit right next to him when he is there

1. Get him some favourite chracter stickers and get him to stick them on whilst sat there. (Pimp my potty!)

2. Buy lots of new books ( not big ones, else he cannot hold them) and every time you do a potty time make it a sort of treat by reading a new book.

3. Teach him a couple of songs that have hand actions eg Miss Polly had a dolly/ The bi ship sailed through the alley alley o etc and sng with him whilst he is sat there. If you do not know any songs try tweenies (aaaggh) button on the cebeebies website,..they know 'em all!

4. Tell him he can have some choccie buttons if he sits on it,...then feed them to him one by one.

5. If all else fails plonk potty in front of TV and let him watch his favourite 15 min programme.

Also try putting some tissue in th potty first, son shot off the potty the first time ...his wee hit the potty and splashed back on him bum. poor lad!

Good luck

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