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Just started potty training - what about nap time?

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Elf Fri 15-Aug-08 15:35:51

This feels wierd because I'm talking about my third dc but they other two were different.

So, dd2 (three in October) is doing really well at potty training but she still has a lunchtime nap and it seems a bit wierd to be putting a nappy on her for that. Or maybe that's normal, I don't know. I still do at night time btw.

Today I said to her let's not put a nappy on for your sleep but she really wanted one. When I got her up it was slightly wet. I thought I would just see what happened without a nappy but didn't get the chance.

What did you do? TIA

SoupDragon Fri 15-Aug-08 15:42:39

Put a waterproof sheet underneath or I think in the beginning they had pull ups (which is what they wore at bedtime so they were associated with sleep IYSWIM)

ches Sat 16-Aug-08 05:06:09

It's very rare for them to wee in their sleep after 12 months. At night they rouse a little, wee and go back to sleep; during naps they usually stay dry unless they sleep through more than one sleep cycle and then wee when they wake up. If the potty's next to the bed in the beginning, she might make it in time, but it may take her a few tries to realise she has to wait.

Elf Sat 16-Aug-08 06:39:13

Thank you both. She sleeps for over an hour so that is probably more than one sleep cycle. Also she is in a sleeping bag and in a cot so she wouldn't be able to get out anyway.

Maybe I could cut down the amount she sleeps? I was thinking of doing that anyway. Thanks for your thoughts anyway.

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