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Wet Wipes and Nursery

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littone Thu 14-Aug-08 20:38:57

At home we clean DS with cotton wool and water when we change his nappy. Nursery use wipes which make his bottom sore. They have swopped onto Boots fragrance free ones but his bottom is still getting just as sore. Does anyone else have this problem? What wipes do you use? I looked online but cannot see ingredients on these boots wipes to begin to try and work out what it is that he is reacting to. We would be happy for nursery to use cotton wool and water but apparently this would count as bathing and not allowed?? Any idea on how to get around this and keep nursery on the right side of the rules?

IzzyWizzyletsgetbusy Thu 14-Aug-08 20:56:07

Why on earth wouldn't nursery be able to use cotton wool and water - that sounds bizarre?!

ds and dd have been to 2 different nurseries, the first used cotton wool and water UNLESS you provided your own wipes, the second supplies disposable wipes, but as they bring dd out in a rash and we use cloth nappies anyway, we send in reusable wipes for them to use with water. It has never been an issue...

I just don't think they can say that you have to use disposable your ds, dd used to get rashy even with the fragrance free ones (and when they used them to clean her face too her eczema really flared up). Surely they can't insist that these babies have to use the wipes and put up with the rash?

I would have another word with them and ask what exactly the objection is. Anyway - what if the dc's get covered in paint etc? don't they get properly washed and wouldn't that also count as bathing? (I'm thinking of the time ds had to be stripped down to his nappy and washed one day at nursery after messy play - rubbing him down with disposable wipes wouldn't have done the job!)

GrinningGorilla Thu 14-Aug-08 21:00:20

I would also send in reusable cloth wipes in a tub/container. Provide them with a suitable bag to put the used ones in for you to take home.

Really odd they classify using cotton wool as batheing.

littone Thu 14-Aug-08 21:03:41

Thanks ladies. Izzy since I posted I have been thinking the same thing, they wipe him down wiht a flannel after painting so whats different?! Nursery Manager on hols this week so will discuss with her next week. He can't be the first baby they have come across who can't tolerate the wipes.

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