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how do i know??

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fltb Thu 14-Aug-08 15:49:07

hi my son is about to turn two and i want to start training him but how do i know when he is ready for it?? is he still 2 young??

ajm200 Thu 14-Aug-08 15:52:43

My son asked for the potty at 18 months, he brought it to me and said, wee wee.

If your son is able to tell you that his nappy is dirty/wet, able to pull his trousers down and is interested in what others do in the loo, it's worth a try.

Good luck.

Boop Thu 14-Aug-08 20:34:56

My DD is 2.1 and I have had a potty in the lounge for ages, and she has not been bothered by it at all, until about 3 days ago, and did a wee on it!! very surprised, not organised!! ha x
So am just trying to do casually as I work 2 days and cant do a solid week at home until a few weeks time, so just show him it and make it fun (ha if it can be!!) Although I think she will have a problems poohs as said no poohs to potty!! ha we wait and see!!
Lets compare notes as time goes on !! ha All ideas welcome!!
Good Luck !! Boop x

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