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Another pooing in knickers thread! (Have checked archives but still have questions!)

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Arbuthnot Thu 14-Aug-08 15:30:14

I am potty training DD2 who is 21 months. I wasn't planning on doing it so soon but she decided to keep taking her nappy off and going to sit on a potty to wee. Within a day she had really grasped the weeing on a potty or toilet and can even get down her own knickers and lift her skirt etc.

However pooing is very hit and miss. When I see her looking ready I can take her and she will happily sit and poo. However if I am not around she will come crying to me saying she has a poo in her knickers. She is obviously not happy about it but I think she can't be recognising the signs that she needs to poo. I don't want to put her back in nappies as she loves her knickers.

Is there a way to teach her to recognise the signs or is it just something we have to wait for? DD1 was the complete opposite in that she would wait for a nappy to be on in the evening before she pooed and therefore has never soiled her underwear.

prudencepinkleg Thu 14-Aug-08 15:39:36

Oh Arbuthnot, been there and done that - twice! For me, the first time I had to get very tough (but ds1 was 3 and a half); the second time it just took time and then he did it himself. Lots of patience required but she'll get there.

Arbuthnot Thu 14-Aug-08 15:44:23

I think because she is so young I will just have to wait for her to know what she is doing then. She is too young for the offer of rewards/bribes and anyway is a strong-minded stroppy child so can't be cajoled into anything!

I was hoping that someone had a miracle solution but, as has been pointed out on several threads in this section, they would be a millionaire if they did!

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