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Potty training - lots of poo accidents - any tips?

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Piccalilli2 Thu 14-Aug-08 08:02:07

I've been potty training my 2.9 yo dd for a couple of weeks now, she's doing really well and is doing all her wees on the toilet, no wee accidents for over a week now. However, we're having more trouble with poo - 9 times out of 10 she's going in her pants rather than on the potty. Does anyone have any top tips that might help?

lilymolly Thu 14-Aug-08 08:24:02

Me too!!
Its infuriating isnt it?
I have tried bribary - 2 sweets for a poo!
Sticker charts
Telling her not to

Nothing is working.

I cant even predict when she is doing it and sit her on the potty/toilet.

She has recently begun to hold on to her poo and pass tiny little drops which is a nightmare. I think its her way of holding onto the poo to prevent her having to do one, but eventually they fall out grin

I think the key is patience and understanding and time.

I know that does not really help, but I am sure someone else will come along x

ajm200 Thu 14-Aug-08 08:40:24

We have the same problem but it is more frustrating as we did have it sorted out a month ago.

Initially when my son wouldn't do poos in the potty, we just patiently cleaned up and hoped he'd get it soon. After a week or so I got fed up with cleaning it up and started to watch him very closely. At the first sign of a poo, squatting, straining or wind, I'd pick him up and put him on a potty. If you time it right, they can't help but poo in the potty. At this point, we'd cheer, clap and give him a treat. Two days later, he was pooing in his potty 99% of the time.

Unfortunately, he had a mishap while his gran was visiting, DH yelled at him and gran smacked him (he is NEVER smacked at home). Now he as a phobia of pooing anywhere when people are around. He won't even poo in his nappy if we are in the room. If he poos in the potty, he looks shocked and started to cry.

If all else fails, bribery works, try giving small rewards for each poos. Stickers are good.

We'll get there again, but it's going to take while

lilymolly Thu 14-Aug-08 09:01:45

shock at gran hitting him

I would have been fecking furious angry

Piccalilli2 Thu 14-Aug-08 09:36:03

ajm200 that's so sad, your poor ds.

We did have a sticker chart with extra rewards for poos but she lost interest when she got the hang of weeing in the toilet. Looks like bribery may be the way to go though. To complicate matters further she's at nursery 3 days a week where she has to ask for the potty rather than just take herself like at home.

1petshortofazoo Thu 14-Aug-08 12:30:00

Ds had this trouble but then we figured out he didn't like doing it in front of people so we left his potty in down stairs loo and just told him he could do it in there and no one could see. He would go in and sit on his potty and shout for some one to shut the door for him and would let us know when he was finished.

Hope this helps

Jodie x

lulalullabye Thu 14-Aug-08 12:47:21

piccalilli, we had the same prob with nursery, we just moved potty to toilet downstairs, got one of those toilet seats with handles and now no prob at nursery or at home.

Bloody nightmare with poos though.As soo as she has her nappy on to go to bed she poos. She did poo on the toilet yesterday and didn't like the sensation and panicked quite a bit as it dropped out.

Who knows, just gonna go with the flow and hope it will sort itself out.

ajm200 Thu 14-Aug-08 14:49:49

We did try putting a potty in the downstairs loo. Unfortunately it backfired. He did a wee while I was out hanging out washing, climbed up to wash his hands, put the plug in, managed to turn both taps on full and couldn't work out how to turn them off again. He is only 20 months. By the time he fetched me from the garden, he was soaked and the downstairs loo and hallway were an inch deep in water. shock.

He had also managed to get the kitchen roll and an empty spray bottle that was waiting to be recycled to try and clean up the mess. I found them both in them floating in the puddle. He'd obviously been watching me mop up his other accidents and thought he could help.

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