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Rustling Wraps

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Queenbebe Mon 11-Aug-08 20:13:47

Has anyone had this problem? I've used all types of wraps/waterproof pants over DDs nappies, with no problem, but now she's just started walking, she gets very irritated by the rustling noise they make when she toddles along, and keeps clutching herself with annoyance!

BigBadMousey Mon 11-Aug-08 21:22:42

Hmmmm.....tbh I find this rather weird.

I know exactly what you mean because I have two wraps which I bought from the same person (second hand) and they are the noisiest wraps I have ever heard! Even on babyDS (10wo) they are noisy - when I pick him up when he is weraing one he sounds like a mouse in a packet of crisps grin. None of my other wraps are like it and I'm wondering if it something to do with how they have been treated previously - maybe a particular washing powder hmm.

In short, no idea what the solution is (other than fleece wraps) but I do know what you mean.

Queenbebe Tue 12-Aug-08 08:24:34

Ah, thanks. I had'nt thought of that. Perhaps it's the washing of them that causes it.

Flamesparrow Tue 12-Aug-08 08:33:31

Ooh how bizarre - I find disposables more noisy tbh.

Maybe if you don't fancy fleece itself, something with a fleece or minkee outer (wacky wraps or a wee notions maybe) would be softer on the outside so less rustle chance?

JoyS Tue 12-Aug-08 14:29:58

Agree with Flame, disposables much noisier! What kind of wraps are they? I find the kind with sandwich PUL (bummies, imse vimse organic) to be quieter than the ones with one-layer PUL (nature babies, motherease, imse vimse soft). Also, the more space there is around the nappy, the more they will rustle, so if it's ME airflows, they will be noisier than a close-fitting bummis or similar.

Queenbebe Wed 20-Aug-08 08:31:38

I've been away. I've tried all sorts, including plastic pants from Boots/Mothercare, Bummis, and Disana from Twinkle.

jeanybeeny Thu 21-Aug-08 08:50:29

I think it's down to the washing. I used to throw plastic pants/wraps in with the main nappy wash at 60 degrees, but continous washing like that can make them go brittle, hence the rustle. Better to hand wash.

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