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nature eco nappies for newborns (disposables) - any good?

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kookiegoddess Mon 11-Aug-08 17:04:29

I would like to be as green as possible but everyone seems to recommend pampers for newborns as most absorbent. Am also alarmed at recent post about 5 wk old baby screaming at first hint of dampness!! I figure that dealing with PFB will be stressful enough, just wonder whats the best green disposable you can recommend. Hoping to go into washables after a couple of months/things are a bit settled. TIA.

nappies I'm referring to are these

gingerwench Mon 11-Aug-08 17:19:02

i've used those and I like them but DH decreed that moltex oko disposables were more green and they are the ones we use most (when not using cloth that is)! You can get them mail order easily enough. We used them for the first 5 weeks exclusively and compared with the the pampers sensitive I tried (I had some free samples) it is true that the dampness was more apparent. However I find even eco disposables less damp to touch than the cloth nappies I was given (motherease onesize). So when I bought some new cloth nappies I bought the "stay dry" ve3rsion of the mlotherease onesize and they are better than the normal ones. Although I stil change just as often during the day, it does mean that DS doesn't get woken up at night by damp nappies.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 11-Aug-08 17:24:03

Nature are my favourite disposables on the market, they were the only ones that kept ds dry all night (when he was a bit older and slept through). I hated Pampers and Huggies as I thought they smelt funny.

Nappies are a very personal thing as none of my friends like Nature.

BigBadMousey Mon 11-Aug-08 17:35:02

Yep, I used those with DS for the first few days and they were fab. I've posted om that thread you mention because my DS is the same as the OPs - he didn't complain with these.

Pampers, huggies etc do smell weird - these don't at all. I didn't find his bottom was wetter in these than the freebie nappies I got from bounty (huggies, pampers) and he is a VERY heavy wetter. In fact, I prefer these for heavy wetters as there is no risk of that horrible gel stuff getting onto his bottom if they burst due to being too wet.

You can use fleece liners in a disposable if you wish - with newborn poo you can just bung them in your normal wash as it comes off very easily. If you are using disposables his clothes will get covered in poo most days anyway so your machine will be used to it! grin

slinkiemalinki Tue 12-Aug-08 14:43:42

I used these throughout with DD and they were brilliant. I agree that Pampers "smell funny" - and I found Huggies newborn leaked terribly anyway.

Notquitegrownup Tue 12-Aug-08 14:47:51

Just another vote for Moltex, which I remember as being greener - can't remember why - and which were very good.

I meant to use disposables in the early weeks, but had a pack of old terry nappies and a couple of wraps around and also found they were great for overnights and avoiding leaks - washing a few nappies was less effort than washing lots of bedding, and it was easy to fold the terry squares to be most absorbant in the bits which needed extra padding.

clarinsgirl Tue 12-Aug-08 14:51:01

I used Moltex for DS and they were great. You can get them from Spirit of Nature - there is a link in the shopping section. I bulk bought them but you can get samples to try first.

HolidaysQueen Thu 14-Aug-08 09:19:35

I've found Moltex much better at containing leaks than Nature or Pampers as well as being the most eco-friendly (no eco-friendly ones biodegrade in landfill, but Moltex have the most eco-friendly manufacturing process at least). We use reusables during the day and Moltex at night / on holiday etc.

Like clarins girl we get them from Spirit of Nature - it's the cheapest place, and the bulk buys are perfect - means it is very difficult to run out!

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