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how long for lactulose?

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rogan2001 Sun 13-Feb-05 21:24:52

My DS, 3.2 yrs has a real problem with holding his poo's in. He's been on lactulose for about 6 months now, everything is fine when he's taking it, he still tries to hold them in but they manage to come out, we even get potty training going well, but as soon as we run out and we're without lactulose for a few days it's back to square one, he holds them in and does'nt pooh for days and refuses to sit on his potty, then when we get back on lactulose everything is fine again. How long does it take to get them going without it?

Rosebudz Mon 14-Feb-05 03:57:01

Is the wee guy actually constipated at all?
or is he holding poo for the sake of it?

I would say to you, if he is at least letting his poo out when he is on the Lactulose, just keep the wee man on it.

Lactulose is so safe, as in you can use it for a long long long daughter has been on it daily for going on a worries at all of becoming dependant on it, all it does is merely keep the poo soft.

When kids hold their poo it more often than not goes hard, then they get constipated, then they cant poo, and when the cycle of chronic constipation starts it can turn to a condition called encopresis.

*Please note, I said CAN turn to encopresis, this is not to say all kids affected by constipation will get this, but some will*.

Encopresis is caused when the rectum is so full of poo that is no longer coming out, that the rectum stretches and stretches, thus the kids no longer feel the need to do poo,.. and then they start getting skiddies in their undies...that they are usually unaware of and totally unable to control.

Then you end up with a very nasty problem on your hands, quite a few of us are in that boat, but we all try our hardest to educate other parents about the problems of long term constipation.

Hope I have helped you feel less concerned about the Lactulose.

rogan2001 Mon 14-Feb-05 09:19:22

Hi Rosebudz, he isin't constipated he just refuses to let them out, cus he thinks it's going to hurt and it seems to have become a habit to hold it in when he feels it coming now.I don't mind him being on the lactulose he only needs 1 spoonfull a day to keep it soft, but i wondered if he was becoming reliant on it and would ever be able to go on his own. Did your daughter hold hers in?

Rosebudz Mon 14-Feb-05 11:05:05

Hi rogan, Yes she did end up holding it in, that along with constipation was the precursor to the encopresis.

If they are holding, the bowel is getting fuller and fuller, and then it will stretch to accomodate the poo,then they lose the feeling.. so you are doing the right thing with your wee boy, keeping that poo soft, and keeping it coming out.

My wee girl didn't hold in the first years of having constipation, not until she had suffered the severe pain of fissures, due no doubt to hard poos...
Ahh, if only I had known then what I know now!

Unfortunatley one bad bout of constipation ended in her getting anal fissures, and then of course once they have suffered extreme pain it puts them right off....they have memories like elephants when it comes to pain..

Maybe your wee dude too has had a bad experience?

Anyway rogan, nothing bad can come from the use of the Lactulose, and the poos are coming out, and that really is the main thing, so long as they are soft, he is not having to have any pain so that in turn will help him get over that fear...

rogan2001 Mon 14-Feb-05 17:10:27

Hi Rosebudz,
my son's problems started when he had a severe bout of the runs and got a really bad case of nappy rash which when i cleaned his bum had him screaming in pain,(even tho i did it very gently) so he asscociated it with going for a pooh so decided he was never going again.

Thank you for your advise it has been most helpfull.

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