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website about making your own nappies please!

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isaidno Sat 09-Aug-08 20:43:10

Does anyone know any good sites for patterns / materials please?

BigBadMousey Sat 09-Aug-08 23:00:20

make your own airflow here

this ebay shop (for pocket bots) often has PUL for sale - sometimes really funky patterns.

There are loads of other sites with patterns - many are american so the key to finding them is to google DIAPER petterns as well as 'nappy'


isaidno Mon 11-Aug-08 16:46:00

thanks - will have a look later!

BigBadMousey Mon 11-Aug-08 17:37:03

happy sewing! My attempt ended up looking like a fluffle that had been involved in a terrible car accident blush

moocowme Tue 12-Aug-08 21:00:42

after trying a few patterns online I found that tracing round a disposable I could make a pattern for my own nappies. I also found that if I did a bit extra sewing and made tabs sperately I could get two nappies from one nappy cut piece of fabric.

i was quite pleased with these nappies as they are a nice trim fit especially with the bambo inserts.

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