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Should I put him back nappies?

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Poshpaws Sat 09-Aug-08 17:28:09

Ds2 (3yrs & 3 months) was sucessfully potty-trained at 2.5years. However, in the last 2 months, he has started to pee (and the odd poo) wherever. So far, this has only taken place at home. Out of the house and at nursery, he always asks for the toilet.

Should we put him back in pull-ups? I am loathed to, but DH thinks it's the way to go.

Incidentally, we only have one toilet which is upstairs and we used to have a potty for him in the hallway downstairs so he never had accidents. However, we had to get rid of it once DS3 started crawling and walking (many an incident took place with a baby covered in poo shock).

Thanks for any advice

AnnasBananas Sat 09-Aug-08 19:05:29

No, at over 3 years of age my gut instinct is NOT to go backwards. Focus on the positives and think about how great your DS has done so far. It is unfair to put them back into pull-ups or nappies and will only confuse them. Best to just press on, ignore the accidents, praise the dry days etc it might be worth re-instating star-charts or other rewards and just go with the odd accident, live the wet-life, you are SO nearly there and unfair on DS to go backwards. Like everthing, it will just be a phase and in three months time you'll have forgotten this post because you'll be concerned with something else!!

PS Incidentally, Gina Ford (yes, love her or loathe her) says NEVER to go back to nappies when you have had a breakthrough.

Poshpaws Sat 09-Aug-08 20:37:13

Thanks AB. That was exactly what I thought. Don't put him back in nappies/pull ups. Now to convince DH grin

ches Sun 10-Aug-08 14:41:14

For the longest time my DH resisted PT and still wraps our DS up in a nappy if I'm not around. He's just too lazy to participate actively. (He also gets huffy if it's his turn to accompany our DS to the toilet.) Seems stupid to me because an accident is much easier to clean up than a nappy.

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