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where do I start - thinking about re-useables?

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mum2jakeyroo Wed 06-Aug-08 09:44:07

I am pg with dc3 and have used disposables with other two dc. We are thinking of trying some sort of reuseable with this one but we are baffled by all the different types etc. (thick emotion)
please help me x

sophiesmiles Wed 06-Aug-08 09:46:08

Hi, I have always used Terries and they have always worked very well with all of mine. Everyone has their own opinion. If you want some more advice, please feel free to ask.

Jane99Thomas Wed 06-Aug-08 10:42:20

Check out &

They explain all the different types of nappies etc.

Lots of good advice & what they dont know about nappies isnt worth knowing!

ilovemydog Wed 06-Aug-08 10:54:37

In a nutshell, there are loads around, but all you really need to know is whether you want a shaped type nappy (as opposed to flat, prefolds), pocket nappy that gets 'stuffed'.

The other consideration is the type of material you want, depending on how you will dry them. Bamboo takes forever to dry, but also is quite absorbent. Microfleece is good at drying quickly.

There are also various types of methods in securing the nappy - velcro, poppers or nappy nippa which is a fastener.

You then need a wrap.

There is a trend in having 'all in one' which is like a disposable. You can get a 'one size' that goes from birth - potty, which is economical, but doesn't fit quite as well.

frans Wed 06-Aug-08 11:32:44

Nappy Times do an amazing trial - they will send you your choice of 5 different washables for a week for a refundable deposit of £50.

ilovemydog Wed 06-Aug-08 11:36:01

What a brilliant idea!

frans Wed 06-Aug-08 11:53:41

I know! I'm due to send my nappies back this week and the service has been brilliant - they even supply wraps, nappy nippas and flushable and fleece liners! They've got my custom from now on.

BigBadMousey Wed 06-Aug-08 12:03:27

look for local cloth nappy trial kits, and financial incentive schemes here.

You really do need advice tailored to your own needs - what sort of water hardness you have, your budget and drying facilities etc. You can get that sort of advice the nappy lady (you fill in a questionnaire and she gets back to you) or from Nappyzone and Flame (Bumfluff) on MN

AnnVan Sun 10-Aug-08 05:06:36

I'd suggest finding a local nappy agent. Look on and enter your postcode. Nappy agents are useful as they will show you different types of nappies and discuss your needs/circumstances. I found that very useful, as I also got quite overwhelmed by the different types and didn't know which would be best for me!

HolidaysQueen Thu 14-Aug-08 09:16:39

The best thing we did was trial different types over the first few weeks. I hadn't been organised enough to plan that but I just couldn't decide what I preferred before DS was born! We used mainly disposables during the first 8-10 weeks while we trialled reusables (terry, totbots, motherease, bumgenius) and in the end plumped for Bumgenius. It also became much easier after the first 2 months because feeding etc, calmed down and I got into a better routine around laundry etc.

I spoke with a lollipop ( advisor who was great, and there was no pressure to buy. She was able to explain all the different types and give advice. I got to see the nappies before I had to pick my trial ones.

BlueChampagne Fri 15-Aug-08 13:02:02

I got a selection from the local council, and a more random selection from Freecycle! We use them all. IMO you can get too caught up in researching which sort is going to be best for you. The sort that's clean and within reach while changing the wriggler is the answer!

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