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hot wash (95) will it be ok?

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onepieceoflollipop Tue 05-Aug-08 11:12:51

I plan to wash my Motherease and Tots (aplix) on a 95 wash as a "one off" with no detergent. Will it harm the plastic press studs/poppers on the Motherease.

I am going to try and strip them, there are loads of tips on how to do it but I am going with the hot wash, loads of rinsing and vinegar in the wash cycle and rinse cycle theory!

babyjjbaby Tue 05-Aug-08 11:30:24

i personally wouldn't it will ruin the elastic on the tots and the motherease not sure about the motherease the only nappies i would put on a 95 wash would be terry sqaures hth grin

onepieceoflollipop Tue 05-Aug-08 12:23:18

Thanks babbjjbaby - what would you do instead?

(or anyone else - any more ideas?)

BigBadMousey Tue 05-Aug-08 14:00:55

Your Motherease can go to 70C but your tots can only be washed at 60 or 40C max - depending on what you have (check the tots website if you haven't got a care label on your nappy). If you go any higher you will wreck the elastic (as babyjj says) and shorten the lifespan of the fabric.

I'd just use 60C as the 'hot' part of the regime - should work well enough.

babyjjbaby Tue 05-Aug-08 14:04:08

i would just put them in a 60 wash with a scoop of bio washing powder and some vinegar or a bit of napisan yes i now alot of people don't like napisan but i find it is great once in a while

onepieceoflollipop Tue 05-Aug-08 18:19:39


Haven't got Napisan in but I am going to get some if just the vinegar and bio powder don't work well enough. Tbh I have read on other websites that some people use Calgon/dishwasher powder (not regularly, as a one-off treatment)and that makes napisan sound positively harmless. grin

MamaGLovesMe Tue 05-Aug-08 18:21:25

I used to wash terry squares on 90 but all other nappies go on 60 and they are fine.

Do you want to buy some preloved nappies??

Napisan is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

onepieceoflollipop Tue 05-Aug-08 18:23:10

MamaGLM part of the problem is that I bought too many nappies - new, preloved and passed on. I am still using most of them and have plenty of spares!

MamaGLovesMe Tue 05-Aug-08 18:24:23

Shame. sad

Octothechildherder Tue 05-Aug-08 19:03:16

95 would be bad for them tbh - wash them through without anything a couple of times and then leave them on the line in the rain for a few days - very clean, detergent free nappies!

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