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Moltex Oko - The greenest and the best disposable

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hsbcarter Fri 11-Feb-05 14:22:04

100% bio degradable. We have been using these since birth of our son and they are brilliant. Slightly more expensive than a shops own but compare well with premium brands when bought in bulk.

Best of all is that they are 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly!

Anyone else tried them?

shrub Fri 11-Feb-05 14:32:47

yes - another fan. tried all the others, but found these are the best. excellent fit and very absorbant and no guilt! when my local shop has run out and i have to resort to pampers/huggies i find the chemical smell they give off very worrying.

fuzzywuzzy Fri 11-Feb-05 14:46:52

yep love them, these are the only ones I use when using disposables. I've tried all the others and have to say these are brilliant. Althoguh have to say, the midwife when visiting saw dd2's and told me to change her as her nappy was dirty, I couldn't stop laughing.....

Oliviab Mon 11-Apr-05 08:16:03

Actually they're not any more degradable than nornmal disps, if you look carefully it's the packaging they come in that's biodegradable. The nappies themselves are just unbleached and the company has slightly higher ethical standards than normal disp companies.
Try Weenee pads

bonym Mon 11-Apr-05 08:33:28

We've been using these since dd2 was born and find them fine - do get leaks (especially poo!) but feel that is a small price to pay for not having all those chemicals next to her skin. Agree though that they're not more degradable - will check out the Weenee pads Oliviab - are they good?

Oliviab Wed 20-Apr-05 18:14:24

Weenees are like a giant sanitary pad that you can flush or compost! You do need a wrap (anything with leg gussets to hold it in place) but that's what makes them so degradable - no velcro or sticker bits.
Plus you get the retail therapy and fashion statement of buying new wraps occasionally. Ok some might think those aren't good enough reasons to use a 2 piece system but this forum is a testament to how many do!

fruitful Sat 23-Apr-05 19:34:38

Ummm... it says here that Moltex nappies completely degrade in 8 weeks in a Wormery. The problem is that even with nappies/weenee pads that are totally biodegradable, they won't necessarily degrade in a landfill site (not enough oxygen when buried I think). And you need a wormery the size of a shed I think so not terribly practical for your back garden.

tid Mon 25-Apr-05 21:49:49

I've been using these for nearly a year (one year on Wednesday to be precise!) and I love them. They are actually biodegradable, apart from the tapes and the small amount of absorbent gel in the nappy. I occasionally tear off the tabs and put them on the compost heap. They take longer to break down on the compost heap than in a wormery, but they do break down.

The packaging is a bonus - the bags can be used to line the kitchen scrap bin and the whole lot goes on the compost heap when it's full!

Shirlz2003 Thu 05-May-05 16:29:25

I love them too!! I'm going to build or buy a wormery too - we've plenty of space to have one.

An almost instant cure for the nappy rash my little one had had for ages.

I'm also worried by the chemical smells of leading brand convenional nappies. I want to know though, why they don't do eco nappies?

Anyone tried any other types?

Nik72 Thu 05-May-05 17:00:30

I use these at night and motherease during the day, agree just as absorbant as pampers etc. Read they were 70% biodegradable?

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