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Temper tantrums at 9 months??????

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mumtoo3 Mon 04-Aug-08 14:59:10

has anyone ever had a 9 month old baby have temper tantrums when they dont get there own way? if so can you deal with it like a toddler?

its normally when she is going to hurt herself eg putting things in her mouth, touching the dvd player or the oven when its on!

BigBadMousey Mon 04-Aug-08 15:11:45

Think you've put this in the wrong topic but yes, DD2 started her tantrums at 8 months but she had them very badly - they lasted for over an hour each at one point.

I dealt with it like you do a 2 year old. ignore them, choose battles, made sure she was somewhere safe while kicking off etc etc BUT for her -and I think this was partly down to her young age and partly down to the severity of her temper - they terrified her at times and I had to watch for when she was getting scared because she couldn't control them sad.

Good thing is that by her 2nd birthday she was pretty much over it all. Distraction tactics can work very well at that young age if you catch the tantrum soon enough.

If she carries on like my DD2 did, you'll be a tantrum expert by the time she is 1 grin

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