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potty training what are the signs?

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starscream Sun 03-Aug-08 22:38:35

my dd will be 3 in nov she has s,needs but potty training her will be the same as any other child. What are the signs? should i be thinking about it now prof ppl not in any hurry but would like her to be out of nappies before jan as she starts main stream playschool thanks x x

simpson Sun 03-Aug-08 23:01:21

I think the main thing is is she happy to sit on potty?

Also able to pull up trousers/Knickers.

Does she tell you if she has done wee/poo?

Also if she likes getting stickers/rewards this will help grin

My DS is 2.11 and have been toilet training for 11 days(went straight to loo as that was what he wanted to do) Smarties seem to do trick for wees in loo. Still to crack poos though hmm

Good luck!!

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