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2nd day potty training - advice please!

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auntyspan Sun 03-Aug-08 19:38:14

My DD is 2.6 and yesterday started potty training as she was showing some of the signs (had done some wees in the potty before her bath, wanted to wear 'big girl pants' etc)

Yesterday was OK - every 20mins / 30 mins we put her on the potty and we only had one accident.

Today was terrible first thing, 4 changes of clothes before mid-morning. I was asking her if she wanted a wee and it was like she was thinking about if she needed a wee, and then doing one! Anyway we got over that and this afternoon has been much better.

My question is this - she has now started to ask to go on the potty but we're suspecting that it's because she wants a smartie (her reward for a wee or poo on the potty). She asking every few minutes and she more often than not squeezes a teaspoon out and then demands a smartie!

Should I just go with the flow, or start saying smarties are for poos only?

Thanks for reading this far!

auntyspan Sun 03-Aug-08 21:22:28


ches Thu 07-Aug-08 05:00:23

Clever girl; she has potty trained you in a day! I don't think rewards are going to work on her. If you move the goal posts she'll either spend all day sitting with you trying to squeeze out a poo or lose interest entirely.

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