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Bumgenius v3 and Little Lambs for reusable newbie

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LadyBee Fri 01-Aug-08 23:06:31

I've been wanting to start using reusables now that DS has stopped pooing every three minutes. DP isn't totally convinced, he's very impressed at the containment we've seen with the disposables for some enormo-poos and also the ease.

So having done tonnes of looking I've pretty much decided on getting a few Bumgenius v3 for him to use (he does the first change in the morning each day and more on weekends) maybe about 5??, and the rest little lambs - about 15? Does that seem ok?

I expect to still use disposables every now and then, probably regularly overnight so DH can just chuck when does that change (at least at first, believe me, got to make this as painless as poss for him), and when I head out.

Little Lambs come in bamboo, cotton and microfibre, I was going to buy a trial one to check fit before getting more, but don't feel like buying one of each type - can I get the MN wisdom about material?

I'm in a very hard water area but am fortunate enough to have a sunny garden for line drying and a tumble dryer if needed.

oh just in case this is relevant, DS is 3.5 months, 15lb 15 and is long rather than chubby. smile

AnnVan Sat 02-Aug-08 05:50:21

LadyBee - it could be worth checking if you have a nappy agent locally. Try a websit called YOu can do a postcode search and it will give you details of local retailers, agents, cloth nappy network and any council incentive schemes. I found it useful to speak to my local agent, because you actually get to see the nappies, discuss pros and cons and decide what suits you best. Also try a website called - you can fill in a questionaire to get advice - although I found that they tend to plug motherease nappies a bit. HTH - cant give more advice than this as I am a newbie too (baby isn't even born yet, so haven't yet tried the nappies)
Oh re little lambs - haven't actually used them, but the agent I bought from said that ll wraps aren't that great, so you might want to get some mothereas or totsbots wraps. Wow long post sorry blush

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Sat 02-Aug-08 09:57:45

I have no experience of little lamb nappies - bamboo will take longest to dry and microfibre the quickest alongside your pockets. Ooodles of experience of bumgenius - they are fab - perhaps buy one to check they suit before you comit to more. I am always happy to advise and am just putting my mumsnet ad back up before anyone shouts at me!

kiskidee Sat 02-Aug-08 10:30:10

a recent thread about LL nappies

BigBadMousey Sat 02-Aug-08 13:30:43

Just to echo what I said in the thread Kiskidee linked to.

If you think you won't have drying issues then I think bamboo is good - esp if you are in a hard water area as it stays nice and soft.

I feel the LL bamboo is best left as a night nappy. The MF will be bulky compared to other bamboo nappies - their main advantage is the quick drying time so if you don't need that then don't bother IMO. The cotton is fine but I think may not suit your DDs shape as well as other brands.

I know you say you have chosen LL after much research but did you look at bambinex nappies? They would suit your DDs shape far better and are currently on offer. My DD2 was very similar in size and shape to yours and LL were too low in the rise quite soon (avoid totsbots as they will have the same issue). Bambinex is the new name they are AKA Wambamboo and Geobel.... Some on ebay cheap a couple of days ago.

Go for motherease wraps if you go for 2 part nappies - the airflow is quite high rise.

LadyBee Sat 02-Aug-08 14:10:12

ok, so BG is a thumbs up but maybe need to do a bit more thinking about the Little Lambs.
I think I'll get a bamboo & cotton trial, but will go abd look at the bambinex before I do, thanks BBM.

BigBadMousey Sat 02-Aug-08 14:28:41


Size 1 velcro fit are nearly all gone at reduced price. I've found some here but thats it. Luckily for you my client wants nippa fit and there are a few of those left wink

ilovemydog Sat 02-Aug-08 14:38:40

Ah Big Bad - sorry about yet another hijack!

Have had a look a Tots Bots Flexitot sizes, and feel the size 2 will be too small.

What do you think of Thirsties - they seem to do a large one that will last until 40 lbs

BigBadMousey Sat 02-Aug-08 14:53:12 have me on that one. I haven't tried one myself {yet blush) but they have quite a following and I know a few people rave about them. Apparently they are soft and quick drying - 'tis all I know I'm afraid.

Their wraps are apparently good too - seen good comments on here about them.

ilovemydog Sat 02-Aug-08 15:00:05

Thanks Big Bad - wasn't trying to catch you out!

It's just that DD is about 28 lbs now, and most nappies go to about 30/35 lbs. The Sandy's Toddlers are made from same material as her Sandy's large which wasn't a great night diaper.

Feel like such a failure - obviously most other people's children are potty trained by 30 lbs!

BigBadMousey Sat 02-Aug-08 15:18:14

My DD1 wasn't but then she was in dispicables.

Sandy's bamboo are lovely (my current want grin) but probably still not enough for night times. Have you thought about the (incredibly ££££) Minki YoYo?

ilovemydog Sun 03-Aug-08 16:20:01

Hi Big bad - here's one for you: where can I get nappies for DD's doll? She wants her 'baby' to wear nappies which is fair enough - not sure about getting her a 'boobie pump' though! hmm

They sure do learn by observation shock

BigBadMousey Sun 03-Aug-08 19:35:54

Been asked that one loads of times grin

dollytots - they are tiny!

....not sure about a mini boobie pump though grin

pollyanna Sun 03-Aug-08 19:48:56

my ds2 sounds a very similar weight and age to yours and is also very long. I use both Little Lambs and bugenious and like both. I have LL microfibre and bamboo and like both - I haven't found them particularly bulky. If pushed I would say that I prefer the bumgenious. If you get the LL I would suggest getting (I think) the smaller size wraps - these are still fine for my ds2 as he is quite slim.

I have had problems with the motherease wraps so far (used them for previous dcs), but the LL wraps have been fine for my ds2.

ilovemydog Sun 03-Aug-08 20:02:13

Thanks Bigbad - the dolly diapers have a wrap! smile. Off to find a baby pump! (DD is so funny. She 'feeds' her baby by lifting shirt and firming placing on belly button hmm

turtle23 Sun 03-Aug-08 20:25:37

I have to say that I used LL MF nappies for DS for first 15 weeks, but then they seemed too small round the legs/big round the waist. He's not especially huge-legged! Maybe I'm just doing something wrong...have resorted to pre-folds now.

tallbirduk Sun 03-Aug-08 22:15:03

I have 6 Bumgenius and I like them very much (we started using them in week 1 - we are now week 5), as does DH - they are very much like disposables in their use, and if you really want to make your DH's life easy, you can pre-fill them (as it were) so he really shouldn't have any grumbles.

I also have a LL bamboo and a microfibre nappy and I really like those too - controversially, I like them better than the tots bots nappies I have. At the moment I also prefer their wraps (which have so far never leaked) to the ME ones I have - although that is largely becuase the ME ones are just too big around the waist for my skinny DS.

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