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fleecy nappies and wraps - help please, totally confused!

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hovely Thu 10-Feb-05 15:34:29

After problems with sore legs for ds, I had a credit card frenzy and decided to try out some new nappies and wraps.
so Ds is now the proud possessor of 2 Ellas House bumhuggers, which have fleece all over the inside and outside but which apparently need a waterproof wrap as well... and a Tots Bots redrap and a stripy TotBots fleece wrap which do not need wraps over them because they are wraps.
they all seem very similar to each other. I don't understand why some are capable of being the outside layer and others are not.
also, what happens if you accidentally put a fleec wrap in the nappy wash at 60degrees?

wowy Thu 10-Feb-05 16:30:42

wahing the wraps at sixty wont do much harm once in a while. (except colour run) but all the time will shorten their life and decrease water resistancy, leading to leeking. wraps are made to keep water in, so that clothes stay dry. and nappies are to absorb as much liquid as possible so bum stays dry. hth? i'm a nappy rep so if you want to know more email me on: i love clth nappies! want the whole world to join

hovely Fri 11-Feb-05 21:52:09

Thanks Wowy. I guess my confusion stems from wondering why the nappies need a wrap over them when they seem to be made of the same fabric as the wraps, and why the nappies don't simply wick moisture away in the same way that the wraps do. After all, what's the difference between a terry napy with a fleece wrap over it and a nappy booster with a fleece outer layer?

Tigerlillies Fri 11-Feb-05 22:11:00

Its due to the type and thickness of the fleece.
Also a flece wrap is seperate rom the nappy allowing some space and time for the moisture to slowly seep through instead of being pushed straight through. Of course if your baby sits in the fleece wrap for a while the wetness will be pushed through any way. I get on much better with wool myself.

hnnappies Tue 15-Feb-05 09:04:41

The difference between fleece used for nappies and that used for wraps is usually to do with the thickness of the fleece/ how many layers of fleece are used.
1 layer of standard 100weight fleece will work as a stay dry layer in a nappy so allows moisture to pass though it but not back.
If you have 2 or more layers of 100weight or a single layer of 200+weight fleece is used moisture then does not travel through it and is therefore used as a waterproof cover on in the case of some AIO's the outer layer.
Even being waterproof Fleece does evaporate moisture through the layers and can feel wet if a baby is sat on it for a long time.

As for an occasional wash at 60 degrees its not recommended but wont kill the fleece wrap (though can make the colour run). Best washing the nappies together and putting the wrap in with your normal 40 degree wash.
I hope this helps
Let me know ifyou want to know any more about cloth nappies im more then happy to help
From Sam P

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