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Help! DD 3.1 attached to nappies

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NinaNetball Fri 01-Aug-08 08:52:54

DD2 is 3.1 and will not giv up the nappies - is ready, showing all the signs (saying she needs to wee/poo etc..) but just won't go on either the potty or the loo. Tried everything rewards etc. but nothing works, she just holds on for what seems like hours and then does it wherever when she can hold on no longer - DD1 was dry day and night in 2 days and I suppose I just assumed.... Anyway, she wants to go to dance lessons with her big sister but can't til she's dry (tried this as a bribe but to no avail) Iam desperate, can anybody help?!

juuule Fri 01-Aug-08 14:02:24

Don't make a big deal of it.
Just keep reminding her that she can go dancing when she's out of nappies.
Remind her that she can go to the toilet and is a bit big for nappies.
Be very nice.
We did this with our youngest dd. She decided at around 3y4m that she didn't want nappies anymore and was reliably dry 2 days later. Prior to this she had been very determined not to give up her nappies.
Might work for you, too.

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