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DS refuses to go on potty if he has clothes/ undies on, help please?

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lauzie Thu 31-Jul-08 09:30:11

Ds 2.5 decided one day last week that he didn't want a nappy on. We have had a potty knocking about the house for about 6 weeks and he obviously decided now was the time

Soo I let him go for it, kept him naked from waist down all day and he was doing Fab, even coming in from garden getting on potty pooing and weeing on his own without any promts/encouragement then i would come and wipe, praise, do a little cheerleading sesh etc. etc.

This went on for a few days then i put him in undies..... now we're back to square one. as soon as he has pants on he poos and wees himself if we go back to bare bot he's brilliant again!? any advice?

FloriaTosca Thu 31-Jul-08 09:44:32

I have no experience so shouldnt comment...partly I would think to simply leave off the undies for a few days more until dirty pants are unthinkable to him ...but my gut reaction would be to let him use his potty, praise as usual, put on the undies for..I dont know? 30 mins?...then praise clean undies with the clean undie dance or some such thing (different to used potty cheerleading)...then take them off for him to use his potty when he is ready,... put them back on after using it for 45mins...etc etc going longer between removals until he gets the idea that he needs to take them off to use his potty...or perhaps I'm talking rubbish....I had better shut up until someone with actual experience comes along...good luck

girlywhirly Thu 31-Jul-08 15:09:13

My DS couldn't cope with pants and trousers, he was fine if bare bottomed or with just pants, it was about a week before we could risk trousers as well! (He was 2.6.) Often they can't pull their own pants up and down quickly enough and have to ask for help, which all takes longer than them just getting on the potty by themselves. And some children enjoy the independence doing it by themselves brings. I'd let your DS go bare when at home for a few days longer, then practice with pants for short times. Some people suggest tiny boxer shorts, as they feel looser and give more of a feeling of wearing nothing.

lauzie Thu 31-Jul-08 19:00:28

thanks for that floria and girly

I think we have got a step closer today, he has went on the potty with encouragement when wearing undies today twice and then he actually went on when I was out of the room but forgot to take his pants down! So I think next step is pants pulling down practice!

FloriaTosca Fri 01-Aug-08 13:44:56

Great news Lauzie
Hope the good progress continues smile

needaholiday Fri 01-Aug-08 16:32:09

ours took only a couple of days to master the potty BUT took anything up to two weeks to master wearing underwear without weeing in it. And well done for yesterday!

theyoungvisiter Fri 01-Aug-08 16:36:29

funnily enough DS is the same - perfect if he's nappy-free, shouts "wee wee" if he needs to pee and holds on while I go for the potty - but if he has clothes he seems to think it's the same as wearing a nappy.

I assumed it meant he wasn't ready for full potty training so lurking with interest to see if there's a way of training out of this!

needaholiday Fri 01-Aug-08 17:43:49

It should just pass as they get used to not feeling warm and wet after weeing in nappy / pants.

lauzie Fri 01-Aug-08 18:00:56

well its getting better every day here! he asked dh for the potty while wearing clothes! still a few accidents but getting there!
Thanks for the replies and good luck to you tyv too!

ajm200 Fri 01-Aug-08 18:13:40

We have a similar problem. Our son has decided he wants to use the potty at 20 months but can't manage to pull his pants down so pees through them if we aren't around when he needs to go.

It has improved slighty after we left him in wet pants.

Now we just need to get him pooing in the potty again after DH yelled at him for missing the potty a few days ago. Now he's holding on until there is no-one around !

ECML Wed 06-Aug-08 06:40:49

We have found a product call Wee Target which encourage our son to use the toilet. It is like a target you put in the toilet and when he hits with wee the black spot dissappers and a cool picture appears he loves it. When he flushes the toilet the cool water turn it black again for use again. He loves it. IF you google Wee Target you will find it. Best of all they are cheap.

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