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help....potty training

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helsi Wed 09-Feb-05 23:05:23

I'm very slowly introducing potty training to dd (26 months). She knows what the potty is for _ she says its to poo and wee in - great I thought so took her nappy off tonight and asked her if she wanted to do a wee or poo on the potty. She said yes and sat down on it. after a bit of straining she got up saying - finished now but there was nothing there. I left her in the room without a nappy for a couple of minutes whilst I went into the kitchen. She came running in to me saying "mumy mummy whats happened?". When I went into the room she had done a poo.....on the rug!! She said first that she had done a wee wee but then kept asking me what it was and when I said it was poo she ran around pleased with herself saying "Hannah did poo, Hannah did a poo". I tried to explain that all poos and wees should go in the potty.

Do you agree that she is probably not ready yet?

NewYorker1 Wed 09-Feb-05 23:29:03

I think shes ready but not quite ready for immediate removal of the nappy. I started with my boy at 2 yrs. I took him with me ever time I needed to go and he sat next to me on his potty. I asked if he needed a wee or a poo and he always did. I always had a selection of his favourite books in case the need arose for further straining! He did not get out of nappies until he was 28 months. I started taking the nappies off once I saw that after his afternoon nap his nappy was dry. It is just a muscle that needs to develop,so once they get the hang of it you can get them potty trained in a couple of weeks. Once his nappies were dry for a week he went for his snooze in the afternoon with his "Big Boy Pants" on. The only time we had accidents during the day was when I forgot to remind him that he needed to go. Just keep telling them every 10-15 mins and especially when you are ready to leave somewhere and when you come in from somewhere, you both soon get the hang of it. I have certainly had my moments fact there were a few occassions where it was so bad that I had to cut the underpants off!! The rug isn't really that bad come to think of it!

sievehead Wed 09-Feb-05 23:31:03

that sounds bloody good to me. she'll be there pretty soon. DD1 did that a couple of times then that was it - sorted. DD2 rushes me to the loo every 5 minutes and never does anything!! I'm glad tho as don't want to do it until the summer when she can strip off and it'll be easier.

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