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Potty training and holidays....need advice

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VinegarTits Wed 30-Jul-08 14:47:10

Ds is 2.1 and goes on the potty during the day, sometimes he forgets and has little accidents, mainly when he is in his high chair eating.

We are going on holiday next week, will be on a cruise ship so will be out and about most of the days visiting new cities, i dont know what to do about him being nappy free.

The thing is he only remembers to go on the potty if the potty is actually there in the room with him, i think if he is out in his puchchair he will forget. We are nearly there regarding the potty training so dont want to go backwards and start wearing nappies all day just for the holiday.

What should i do, suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

VinegarTits Wed 30-Jul-08 14:53:32

Anyone please? i have to leave soon but will read replies later, thanks.

cmotdibbler Wed 30-Jul-08 14:54:20

Will he wee if you ask him to ? If he does, then just take him to the loo on a regular basis (I make sure we go every hour and a half or so, or when we've been having a drink/food). Ds is particularly delighted to do a big boy wee standing on the toilet seat, and can always be tempted by that.

Otherwise, I think you'll have to use pullups and toilet him as you can.

Aldent Wed 30-Jul-08 18:21:39

Try the 'pottette' travel potty from mothercare or Boots. We found it great on holiday. you can get a load of refill liners so any 'deposits' in there can be tied up and thrown away.

nannyL Wed 30-Jul-08 18:45:43

also get a pack of small size pampers care mats... you can stick these in the buggy and then throw them away, so your child wont have to sit in a buggy full of wee

ches Fri 01-Aug-08 03:48:43

Even thoroughly potty trained children need reminders when they're doing something fun. Just take regular toilet breaks and take spare clothes with you and you should be fine. Have a good trip.

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