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buying nappies in bulk cheap... any ideas ?

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steggy32 Wed 09-Feb-05 19:56:09

hi, im just starting a group in my local area to try and educate people about the benifits of real nappies especially the impact on the enviroment. We would really like to start a nappy library to give local people the chance to try them before they buy, but finding nappies in bulk at wholesale prices is so difficult. Any ideas please!!!

hnnappies Tue 15-Feb-05 09:08:23

How about contacting some of the WAHM (Work at Home mums) who make cloth nappies. I know many of them have nappies that they class as seconds due to now been sewn quite as neet at the normal nappies (though many of these errors are not noticable). Im sure like my self they would be prepared to sell these on at cheaper prices then their normal nappies especially if its being used for a group like the one your trying to get up.
email me for more ideas
from Sam P

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