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4 yo and night time wetting, still in pull ups, is this wise?

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walkinthewoods Tue 29-Jul-08 07:10:28

I have tried getting dd out of nappies at night with little sucess. We had about a month of wet bedding with maybe a hand full of dry nights. I was getting sleep deprived so knocked it on the head. I put her in pull ups.

Every night she is wet (and I mean a full nappy). MIL keeps asking'Is she STILL in nappies?' blah blah blah.

I just don;t know if I'm doing the right thing. I have read on this thread about leaving them til they are ready ect but I just don't know! I used to wet the bed regularly at her age and I know it is hereditary (and I did it on and off until the age of 7.) I have read a post below about blackcurrant and OJ so I'll try cutting that out!

Can soemone give me some moral support?

smartiejake Tue 29-Jul-08 07:41:03

MILs are great for this aren't they bless them! I'm sure we've all heard about their dcs who were out of nappies before they were two and dry at night not long after but the fact of the matter is that somewhere like 25% of dcs are not dry at night by the time they are 5 and you can't force the issue.

Problem is the only ones you ever hear about are those who are dry young and their smug parents act like it is down to fab parenting making us with leaky dcs feel very inferior!

There is a hormone that kicks in at some point which slows down urine production at night and enables children to be dry at night - it's not something you can train.

It really doesn't sound like she's ready to be dry at night yet and very young still. Cut her some slack and stick your fingers in your ears "la la la not listening every time MIL kicks off!.

If you can get other mums to admit it there are lots and lots of dcs that are not dry at night and much older than at 4.

juuule Tue 29-Jul-08 08:27:36

Very wise. Saves on all the washing

Your dd will become dry when she is ready.
Not too much that you can do to hurry it along.

I've had a child dry at night at just turned 2yo and another who was 9y+ and others in between.
Ignore your mil on this one.

itati Tue 29-Jul-08 08:31:00

DD is almost 5 and has gone back in to pull ups after 13 wet nights out of 14.

Ignore your MIL.

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 08:32:15

Juuule, How did the older ones react when younger ones were dry and out of pullups and they were still wetting at night, and needing nappies.
Currently have this issue with my two and as they share a room it is very obvious to DD that her younger brother is further on than she is IYSWIM.

Sorry for hijack witw, I would definately have gone back to pullus for my sanity

MsDemeanor Tue 29-Jul-08 08:34:52

You are doing fine and she is normal. Wetting does seem to be hereditary so she probably takes after you and you are fine now grin
Just take no notice of your MIL, say, 'everyone's different and doctors aren't interested until after seven. She's fine.'

juuule Tue 29-Jul-08 08:40:14

We were matter of fact about it. Older child was a little embarrassed at times but we always emphasised that dryness would come with time. Some children grow tall quickly, some children can walk sooner than others, some children take longer to be dry. We also talked about other members of the family who took a while to be dry at night and that helped.
Eventually it passed as these things do.
Very frustrating at the time, though.

SoupKitchen Tue 29-Jul-08 08:47:14

Thanks, I will give that a go, honesty always is the best policy isn't itsmile

juuule Tue 29-Jul-08 08:55:19

Also if any of the younger children started to tease we would point out something that the older child was good at before the younger child which usually shut them up.

Honesty being the best policy. Hmmm, have to be selective about it sometimes, though, to avoid hurting anyone.

Tommy Tue 29-Jul-08 09:05:39

DS1 is 6.5 and still in them We had a couple of weeks without them (about 3 weeks ago) but the washing just got out of control - one night he wet his own bed, then got into the spare bed and wet that one too - I had to wash both duvets.

DS2 has been dry at night since he was 3 and has never had a wet bed. He sometinmes treases DS1 about being a baby but DS2 stil has his snuggly cloth so DS1 uses that to get back at him!

4 is still pretty young to be dry at night - just ignore MIL (easier said than done sometimes I know)

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