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constipation, blood in poo, advice please!

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Cathpot Mon 28-Jul-08 21:12:13

Hi, posting for my sister as her internet is down. Her daughter is 18months and has problems with constipation when she has been off her food due to teething etc as she tends to refuse her normal food and ends up full of breadsticks etc. She has just had a poo'event' lots of screaming and the poo when it arrived was streaked in blood. My sister is working on the assumption that she has torn a bit passing the poo. Questions: Does she put something on it like olive oil or leave well alone?? She has got some lactulose but I know it can take a couple of days to work, is it worth going to the doctor for something else? She has been trying to get more water into her, any ideas for other foods? Are bananas actually binding and to be avoided? Any advice would be great.

Jacksmybaby Tue 29-Jul-08 08:50:28

Can she get her daughter to the GP today? Blood in poo is not good. If not, maybe phone NHS Direct and see what they suggst?

Sam100 Tue 29-Jul-08 08:57:45

If blood is "on" the poo it is probably from a small tear while trying to pass the poo - if it is "in" the poo then should be seen by a doctor. Tear could be inside rather than on outside so best leave well alone.

If she is regularly suffering constipation then worth a trip to the doctors in any case for proper advice. I dont think lactulose takes that long to work - when dd had problems it seemed to have an effect overnight. Doctor can also prescribe suppositories in event that child is v bunged up - these have an almost immediate effect!

girlywhirly Tue 29-Jul-08 09:41:49

Banana milkshake: chop a banana into a blender with a large scoop of good quality vanilla ice-cream and top up with milk. Blend until the required consistency. Lovely and cold and soothing when her mouth is sore. Or fruit ice-cream, combine pureed fruit with a tub of vanilla (not soft scoop sort) and pack into a freezer container, place in freezer to firm up. Or you could make ice-lollies with pureed fruit. I should say, the milkshake will block the holes of a spouted cup so needs to be served in just the beaker, you could sprinkle some crumbled chocolate flake on the surface as an incentive, or teach niece to use a bendy straw!

All sneaky but enjoyable ways of incorporating a bit of fibre into the diet. At least if your niece won't eat any of the above, the rest of your families will!

Cathpot Wed 30-Jul-08 08:42:05

thanks all

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