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Night-time nappies - do you expect to change them in the night?

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MrsPhas3 Mon 28-Jul-08 09:35:29

I have finally plucked up the courage to put ds in reusables during the night. I wake him at 10pm ish for a feed and put him in a fresh nappy then. He still feeds during the night (once maybe twice if I'm unlucky), out of the 6 nights he's been in reusables the nappy has been fine twice in the morning, leaked by morning twice, or I have changed him during the night twice. He's just over 4 months.

He's in either a terry nappy (origami fold - is their a more 'padded in willy region' fold that might be more absorbent?) or a prefold acting as a booster in a couple of kooshies basics, this arrangement provides 6 layers of nappy.

Do you change nappies during the night if they wake for a feed? Or do you expect the nappy to cope most of the time? If your nappies cope, what do you use?

Thank you.

MrsBadger Mon 28-Jul-08 09:41:37

Hmm - dd (11m) wears bumbles with a booster and a ME wrap so has [counts] 6 or 7 layers of nappy at the thickest point but.

It weighs a ton in thew morning but only leaks if dh puts the wrap on wonky there's a wicking problem.

She wakes at least twice a night for a feed but I haven's done night changes since she was a newborn (unless pooey, obv)

MrsPhas3 Mon 28-Jul-08 09:58:24

Thanks MrsBadger. We got our nappies for dd1 8 years ago, and am a liitle out of touch with things. Is ME Motherease? And what sort of booster is it?

BigBadMousey Mon 28-Jul-08 10:08:44

I don't change them at night unless I really have to.

I used Elllas House Bumhuggers coupled with a Motherease (ME) airflow wrap and find that to be very good for DS 8wo and DD2 2.3. We only get leaks if if I have put the wrap on worng but tbh the airflow is very easy to use.

MrsBadger Mon 28-Jul-08 10:12:04

yes, Motherease PUL wraps. I think we only have Rikkis (the velcro ones) in her size atm.

I boost with a variety of stuff I have kicking around - couple of hemp ones, couple of shaped terry pad things, and a bunch of what I think are Motherease 'liners' I got in a sale. Or old flannels in emergencies.

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