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Nursery idea

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mummynumnum Sun 27-Jul-08 22:00:32

Not having much success with potty training dd-2. Likes to sit on potty and say done but not actually do anything. Nursery have suggested buying her some pants and letting them have a go. Is this a normal way? Does it work? Is it worth doing at home?

BigBadMousey Mon 28-Jul-08 10:19:23

I'd say it is worth a try if you want to. She might enjoy it at nursery as she can copy other children. I think different approaches work for different children and, as long as you take a relaxed atitude to it all, you have nothing to lose. You might find she is too distracted at nursery to achieve anything but until you try you won't know I guess.

Is she only just 2? My DD2 is 2.3 and does exactly the same - if we are all in a good mood (rare) and at home for a few hours I put her in cloth training pants and leave the potty nearby. She spends the whole time pulling her pants up and down and sitting on the potty but she enjoys it and will get there in the end. Cloth training pants mean no accidents and she can feel when she is wet so they make her feel in control I think - weeing on the floor would be a total disaster in her opinion!

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