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First time potty training advice please, DS happy to wee in potty but doesn't understand he can ask to go...

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Gemzooks Thu 24-Jul-08 21:44:29

DS is 22 months, really loves peeing in the potty as he gets a fuss made of him and gets to flush it down the loo. He's also happy sitting on the potty. But how do you move beyond that? He knows when he's pooed and says 'Poo', and at nursery he sees other kids going to the loo on their mini loos.

So how do I start actual potty training? He is a very good natured child and it is easy to get him to be enthusiastic and do things, he'll do most things you suggest? And where can you get little loo seats and steps etc?

any tips much appreciated!

PixelHerder Fri 25-Jul-08 23:43:07


PixelHerder Fri 25-Jul-08 23:54:02

DD just turned 2 so my mind has turned to this and I've just bought the little loo seat in an independent baby products shop, plus a chunky style potty with wide rim (which is apparently the best type to start with).

Not a clue where to go from here, so have started reading through the 'Nappies, potty training etc' topic - my, it's a whole new world of Mumsnet opinions!

This thread is quite helpful, but there are tons more

Flibbertyjibbet Sat 26-Jul-08 00:07:46

At 22 months he may be a bit young to make the link between needing to go and doing a wee. If he sits on the potty for ages then a wee will happen some of the time. It doesn't mean that he is sitting on the potty cos he wants to do a wee.
You could try potty training the way we did with ds2 (26m), just took him out of nappies one day and after about 5 days he twigged that wet pants = done a wee and to try and get to the potty before it comes out of his willy.
Has taken a while though, lot of hard work and soooo much washing (even though I washed nappies for both children).

Ds1 was older and it took about 2 days for him to twig after we put him in pants.

You might want to put the potty in the bathroom, get a dolls potty for his teddy to sit on and say that teddy has done a wee wee in the potty etc.

Can he pull his pants and trousers up and down himself cos if not I think there will be lots of accidents and wet clothes if no one is near enough when he needs to go at first.

If you are doing it the way we did with ds2 you will need more than one potty (we have one in the kitchen as well at the moment, yuk) and we have to take it out with us as for now he will not use a proper toilet. We have just bought a little inner loo seat but he won't use that either.

Finally, if he goes to nursery then I'd ask them if they think he is ready - I always defer to the 'child care professionals' on such matters as they've done it with umpteen children before!

ches Sun 27-Jul-08 02:05:59

Talk to the folks at nursery; you don't have to do things their way, but it'll be easier for all if you do. The fact that your lo has seen other children do it means that he probably wants to join in.

Our approach has been 100% child-led. We started with "Mummy needs to wee, do you need to wee?" and then our DS seeing me use the toilet before him having a go. The idea was for him to learn that a nappy is for if you can't get to the toilet in time (i.e. it's okay to wee in your nappy), but the toilet is where it goes. He was young enough when we started (14 months) that he hadn't yet developed wee/poo awareness, but through timing (first think in the morning/after a nap) he quickly had his first wee on the toilet and got such a fright when it came out he said "uh-oh uh-oh" the whole time, and every time he weed for a week!

Occasionally he'll refuse to go on the toilet (which we never fought) and sometimes after sitting on the toilet will then pee on the floor or poo in a nappy but it's because he didn't know it was coming or we took him off too soon rather than some kind of resistance. Our attitude in the beginning was one of every nappy spared was a bonus, rather than every nappy soiled was a trial. We knew we were starting young and it was imperative we had realistic expectations.

DS moved up to the toddler classroom at 15 months and at his nursery, potty training isn't optional. Kids are all in pull-ups and they all go on the toilet at least every two hours. When they make the change to pants, they start out going every half hour. There's no pushing, lots of opportunity to see other kids on the toilet showing them it's okay and making them want to "play" too.

We've had to have words about making sure they let him stay on the toilet long enough because him being so young still, it takes him a while to get a wee or a poo out, even if he knows he has to go. Sometimes 2-3 minutes on a wee, especially first of the morning (which can also sneak up on him and has landed on the floor a time or two) and sometimes over 5 minutes on a poo. We have great one-on-one play time in the bathroom, so he's rarely asking to come off the toilet, even when he's done!

He's now 17 months and asking about half the time when he needs to wee, and most times when he needs to poo, nasty teething tummy upsets aside. I've read in a child development book that the parts of the brain that have to mature for potty training are related to those that have to mature for walking. DS started walking before 9 months, so it makes sense that he was ready to start earlier than others.

He can't yet remove his pants himself, and can't get onto the toilet himself, but he certainly can hold it in (sometimes). He's held in a poo for an hour (between first asking and finally getting home and onto the toilet - his preference to hold it rather than poo in the nappy) and half an hour on a wee.

HTH and GL.

Gemzooks Sun 27-Jul-08 20:22:25

thanks for responses! We're moving house this week so once we've moved will get a loo step. Basically he understands that adults poo and wee in the loo, and he understands that he poos and wees, but it's not much further than that, and he definitely doesn't understand he can wait and then do it there, he just tries to squeeze out a wee on the potty for fun.. oh well!

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