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DD is struggling with the potty - can you help us?

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sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 12:32:59

DD1 (2 and a half) is a bright enthusiastic little thing who always wants to do things herself, and be a 'big girl'. But we are really struggling with potty training, and its making her miserable. What am I doing wrong? She started well with it. but now, when she needs a pee, she gets really edgy and unhappy for about 20 mins, and although she'll sit on the potty, she won't use it, and then just wees on the floor later, or waits till bedtime. Yesterday, she wouldn't even get on the potty. - just peed on the floor and sofa.
We've tried stickers, chocolates, encouragement. DH got a bit cross with her at the weekend - I can't blame him, it's awful watching her desperate for a pee, and not doing it.

How can I help her?

Kewcumber Thu 24-Jul-08 12:36:06

how long does she sit on it? Do you run a tap whilst she's on it? Does she see you weeing (I mean actually see the wee - perhaps its seeing her own wee that peturbs her.

My DS is simialr age and toawrds the end of potty training and we did quite a bit of peering in toilets at first blush. We also talk a lot about all the older children who use the potty and everyone grown up who uses the toilets.

Have you tried her directly on the toilet with a booster seat thingie?

Otehrwise tbh I'd give up and try again in a couple of months

sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 12:44:30

Sometimes she'll sit on it and watch telly, other times she'll be on it for a second. The tap is a good idea, I'll try that. We'll also do some peering into toilets. wink

I wondered about going direct to the toilet - she has sat on it a few times, but hasn't peed in it yet. I also wondered whether its worth buying a pink potty (as she's potty about pink hmm)

I think she'll be gutted if we stop trying, because she really wants to wear pants, and be like her friends at nursery.

Kewcumber Thu 24-Jul-08 12:52:37

absolutely worth buying a pink potty - I also found the more expensive chair types with arms they can rest on to be brilliant in the early days when DS treated the potty like an unexploded bomb.

I think you also need to talk to her about it - "I think you feel a little scared of weeing on the potty but thats OK you will get used to it in time" kind of thing."

sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 13:01:05

OK. I'll get a pink one, and have another chat. I tried talking to her about it yesterday, but don't think I got very far as she just looked at me and said "yes mummy. Can you blow up my pinky ponk?'

needaholiday Thu 24-Jul-08 13:10:24

do you think the seat might be cold? seems silly but could be very important to a little person?
We have a chair potty too, a baby bjorn one, and it's really good.

needaholiday Thu 24-Jul-08 13:11:35

ooh and just thought, maybe she's getting splashed and doesn't like the feeling? would she use the toilet with a toddler seat do you think? the one from house of leva is worth the money (if you get it from any of the baby shows on the last day they knock 15 pounds off the price too)

sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 13:11:59

good point. I hate cold seats!

sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 13:13:56

If you get them used to a potty, and then you go out , is it hard to get them to use a proper toilet? We have tried, with her sort of sitting between my legs, but she has never peed like that.

Kewcumber Thu 24-Jul-08 13:27:05

Well I haven;t had a problme with DS using a toilet when out and a potty at home. He just straddles the seat quite widely and hangs onto my hands to balance himself. But then he is a champion tumble tot-er so I think the precariouslness of it appeals to him grin

sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 15:32:23

Just went out and bought a hideous beautiful pink chair type potty at great expense (for a piece of plastic, anyway), so fingers crossed it will help! Thanks for all your advice.

Kewcumber Thu 24-Jul-08 15:49:15

how tacky divine, bet she'll love it (or there's always Ebay)

sagitta Thu 24-Jul-08 16:26:43

Now I've got the horrible thing, I hope she uses it. Luckily there's always dd2 who can use it later on. Otherwise, it'll be in ebay..Thanks kewcumber!

needaholiday Thu 24-Jul-08 21:29:52

ooh, lovely. We have a blue one.

sagitta Fri 25-Jul-08 11:10:53

She peed on the floor when she came home from nursery, and then asked for her old potty. Aaah!
But this morning she sat on the new one, so there maybe hope yet.

pwilliam Fri 25-Jul-08 21:28:14

Just read your original comment, my daughter is showing exactly the same behaviour (she's 2.2). She will happily announce that she is going to pee on the floor, when I put her on the potty ( or toilet) she will sit for a long time, then 2 minutes after taking her off, she anounces again and will pee on the floor. We started on monday, but today we gave up - it was stressing her and us out. My wife is also 7 months pregnant.

How is it going for you now??

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