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I've been given a load of Cotton Bottoms for dd2...

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ravenAK Tue 22-Jul-08 21:31:04

...ds & dd1 both used Totsbots, & dd1 is still in them at home (dispies for CM).

I'm liking the short drying time & if nothing else they'll come in useful when we run out of clean, dry Tots (quite often, with 2 in them, a Yorkshire summer & attempting a tumble dryer boycott!).

But I'm struggling to fold them properly. The mate who gave them to me showed me a 'boy' fold, but it's a bit bulky at the front & makes it difficult to wrap round.

Can anyone link to a fold for a fairly hefty 5 month old girl? smile

BigBadMousey Tue 22-Jul-08 21:36:38

anything here?

snorris Tue 22-Jul-08 21:47:29

I just used to fold the sides over the middle part and put them in like that. If you wait a few mins I think I have one knocking around so I can post some pics on my profile .

ravenAK Tue 22-Jul-08 22:34:09

Snorris, you're a star!

I think I was expecting to origami them into something resembling a Totsbot. Those photos are brilliant.

Thanks for the link too BBM - my problem is that dd2 is quite big (9 1/2 pounds at birth & gaining steadily) - think the nappies I've been given are on the small side for actually wrapping round.

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