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aagh- baby change rooms with no toilets!

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horseymum Tue 22-Jul-08 21:14:37

we use a relaxed part-time kind of elimination communication with dd where she still wears a nappy but uses potty/toilet at each change. on a long journey using service stations i found baby changing rooms never seemed to have toilets so i was holding her over toilet to wee then struggling to get nappy back on balancing her on my knee! surely there are plenty of other people whose children wear nappies but use toilets, especially on long journeys?

pinkspottywellies Tue 22-Jul-08 21:17:28

I guess they might be thinking if it's a 'baby-care' room where people might like to feed that they wouldn't want a toilet in there. Can see it must be annoying though!

FeelingDeviant Tue 22-Jul-08 21:19:43

why don;t you use pull-ups?

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 22-Jul-08 21:21:18

Message withdrawn

FeelingDeviant Tue 22-Jul-08 21:23:31

Starlight - that's disgusting!
Thank goodness I never go to toilets in Boots.

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 22-Jul-08 21:24:09

starlight - you pee in the sink or your dd??????? shock

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 22-Jul-08 21:24:57

How ??? why??

FeelingDeviant Tue 22-Jul-08 21:26:16

If it;s you pee-ing and not your DD, how do you manage to lever yourself over the sink?

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 22-Jul-08 21:28:53

thats what i wondered - when i go anywhere now and the sink has fallen of the wall i will wonder if starlight has visited grin

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 22-Jul-08 21:46:03

Message withdrawn

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 22-Jul-08 22:01:11

ahh you are eight months pregnant - thats ok then - you can pee in a policemans helmet if you so wish ....

StarlightMcKenzie Tue 22-Jul-08 22:05:00

Message withdrawn

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