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I have some Kissaluvs and Sandy's

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lollipopmother Tue 22-Jul-08 16:50:32

So, now what?! I am nearly 34 weeks pg so I don't have a baby to try them on yet, but I'd like to get some bits and pieces as I don't think I'm going to feel like it once the baby has arrived.

So far I have 4 x Sandy's, 1 x Rikki wrap and a couple of Kissaluvs in the post. I am going to make my own wipes from an oldish fleece blanket.

I assume the Kissaluv nappies need wraps? And both Kissaluv and Sandy's will need liners and boosters?

I feel like I've half got the idea of the nappies, but the booster and liner concept just isn't going in! blush


nannyL Tue 22-Jul-08 17:57:14

ME sandys and kisaluvs are myfavourite combination for a new born

yes you will need wraps (I like ME airflow best, but ME 'velcro' are ok too)

Sandys will also need wraps.

you might not need boosters in the early days but they would be useful for over night etc later on... some tesco value microfibre cloths work well.

When i used kissluvs our size 0 needed liners but size 1 had a fleece bilt in so i dont remember using liners when we went up a size.

We used liners in the sandys though we washed liners if they were just wet and rusued them

BigBadMousey Tue 22-Jul-08 19:45:55

You'll find the airflow wrap is a considerably better fit over a Sandy's than a Rikki so I'd suggest you get a few of those (DS gets by with 3 wraps atm). I also prefer the airflow over the rikki for a newborn because the velcro of the rikki can be bulky and hard against a newborns tummy (you'll see what I mean when you put newborn and Rikki together!).

DS is a very heavy wetter but we are going unboosted with our Sandys atm - maybe wait for a while and see how you get on before getting boosters.

Liner wise I'd suggest you either go linerless (newborn poo washes off in the machine very easily and doesn't tend to stain) or go for fleece as that will act as a stay-dry layer and keep your baby's bottom dry. You can use any old fleece - some people use anti-pil fleece but I find that normal fleece doesn't bobble and is so cheap that you could replace it easily enough.

lollipopmother Tue 22-Jul-08 20:57:00

Thank you both for the tips.

BBM - do you just cut some fleece into shape to make your own liners then?

BigBadMousey Tue 22-Jul-08 21:21:16

Yep - thats what I do - my 4 yr old has better cutting out skills than me so I just make rectangles grin. You can make them big so that they hang over the edges of the nappy and stop any mess getting stuck in the elasticated bits if you want to(shock) - as long as the liner is inside the wrap you won't get leaks.

....or you can buy them pre-cut!

lollipopmother Tue 22-Jul-08 22:16:52

BBM Thank you for all your help, I've seen a lot of the fleece liners, I think I'm going to get a pack of them, and a roll of disposable liners for when the poo is more solid.

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