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Bum Genius - am probably going to use these, any pro's or cons would be appreciated..

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Pinkali37 Tue 22-Jul-08 16:09:45

My step sister has been using the bum genius (sp?) and thinks they are great so I will probably use these too. Would appreciate any comments.

CaptainKarvol Tue 22-Jul-08 16:12:15

Pros - sooo easy, very slimline, dry in moments.

Cons - DS was allergic to the synthetic liningsad, once your baby gets bigger(18months+) they may be too small. birth to potty in the sense of yes, if you potty train early. In my experience, anyway!

But they are lovely. And slim, so you don't have to search for fat-bottomed baby clothes.

Nappyzoneneedsanewname Tue 22-Jul-08 19:18:56

Pros - easy to use, btp (not got to potty time with my ds yet to prove this....), slim, fast to dry, version 2 had a few probs but all seems so far so good with the v3 which are desinged to go to an even smaller baby around 7lb. The more you buy the cheaper they are.... try one though and love it before you buy a zillion..... though i have never had anyone returning any as they were unsuitable to be

BigBadMousey Tue 22-Jul-08 19:52:58

oh yes...DO NOT be tempted by the cheap V2s on ebay atm. They may well be a false economy as the V3 is apparently much improved as Nappyzone says.

Also, buy from a reputable dealer and keep the receipt for a good while (just in case they fall apart after a year like the V2!).

They are very popular so well worth a try.

accessorizequeen Tue 22-Jul-08 21:44:02

My v2's are not fitting ds2 since he turned 18 months, he weighs 26 pounds. Before that I had to boost them (add an extra insert into the pocket) so they weren't as slimline as they're meant to be! Phaps v.3 will sort those issues, but I did think they were pretty good just not the only nappy you'll have to buy! Mine haven't fallen apart, but I doubt they would last a year on another baby.

Pinkali37 Wed 23-Jul-08 09:12:43

Thank you everyone for your help, i think I am convinced!!

Octothechildherder Wed 23-Jul-08 11:30:22

I think they come up a bit small and would concern me that they wouldn't last to potty training. I have used fuzzis and onelife - if bumgenius were an option before I would have bought them being onesize.

needaholiday Wed 23-Jul-08 16:33:55

pros- quick and easy
cons- leaks on chicken legs, price, small fit on older babies.
did you look at nappy and wrap systems? far more reliable IMO.

ches Thu 24-Jul-08 01:31:58

Some of the V2s had a recall on the velcro. The velcro on the one I bought on eBay was bad and it used to come off with DS's wiggling in bed. Def did not last to potty training and we started at 14 months! (Around 27 lb.)

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