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Convince me about tots bots!

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Yorkiegirl Mon 07-Feb-05 17:26:17

Message withdrawn

stitch Mon 07-Feb-05 17:31:58

i never used tots bots, so cant say about them, but they do seem to very popular.
i liked the motherase ones. also the nappy nation. but i think my fav were the kooshies basics. cheap and cheerful. at home with a booster or two i didnt neeed to use a wrap. i think it was the motherease wraps i used. definitly not kooshies as they are not breathable.
ten months is a good age to change to real nappies as this is about the time you would have had to get the next size up if you were using them form the beginning anyways.
oh, and the only really valid argument to use is the environmental impact one. where every disposable nappy will take five hundred years to degrade.

Yorkiegirl Mon 07-Feb-05 18:24:48

Message withdrawn

Waswondering Mon 07-Feb-05 18:27:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lunavix Mon 07-Feb-05 18:29:39

YG - I've just switched to cloth!

I've got ds (who as you know from april thread is a giant currently 24lb) in totsbots and bumbles size 2 which fit quite well.

As your dd is on the smaller size, chances are the tots size 2 will do her till she's potty trained (my ds will probably need size 3s at the speed he is growing!)

THe main point to remember with totsbots is they have a high resale value - if you decide not to keep them for another you can make back most of what you spent. If you use them on more lo's, you can actually still recoup a bit as well.

These were my arguments a few weeks ago!


Yorkiegirl Mon 07-Feb-05 18:31:29

Message withdrawn

Waswondering Mon 07-Feb-05 18:38:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lunavix Mon 07-Feb-05 18:38:11

From what I've heard the blue and pink can fade a bit, particularly if you dry them on the line (ie sunshine - but this is the UK!)

Also the unbleached fade to an off white.

Unbleached are the thickest, followed by white, and then coloured. I've got a few unbleached for nights, and colours for the day. I don't think it makes a HUGE difference, the thickness isn't that massive.

We don't have a CM/nursery (I'm a CM!) but the family have adjusted well, we use the nippa ones (based on the fact their a better fit and I don't like velcro! sticks to everything!) and it takes everyone practise but they get there. aplix would be easier for them though if they aren't used to it.

Bumbles are very similar to totsbots too, have you looked at them? They have a LOVELY fleece lining and you can get them in colours too

lunavix Mon 07-Feb-05 18:39:24

I've got blue anyways, because they are a lovely colour I wash everything at 40 degrees anyways, as it makes them last a lot longer, so I don't know how quickly they will fade.

bea Mon 07-Feb-05 19:21:38

i love my Fuzzis ,
fantastic all in ones, pricier than tots bots... but so much more easier in the long run, excellent naps, snap on and off, easy to dry (overnight on a drier!!!) and look fantastic after a zillion times in the machine... plus lovely bright colours!!!!

sorry just a bit of a fuzzi fanatic... and not much help pn the tots bots query but thought i'd chip in with my two pence worth!!!!

bea Mon 07-Feb-05 19:24:46

ooo also forgot to mention... they look lovely on the washing line in the summer all those lovely bright colours (plus the wallowing in my own smugness at the fact that i am saving the earth from landfill sites single handedly of course!!!! )

misdee Mon 07-Feb-05 19:41:11

your dd is quite small comapred to my dd at the same age. it was about when dd2 was 1yr old we switched to tots bots and motherease as she was just too large. and i love them. they contain wee/poo so much better than disposables, save me a fortune, and they look cute . i have 11 tots bots for dd2 and wash them every other day.

Yorkiegirl Mon 07-Feb-05 21:01:17

Message withdrawn

lunavix Mon 07-Feb-05 21:02:37

Yes, or if they are a heavy wetter. You can stick it under the liner, or even between nappy and wrap (bit more comfortable)

Bogwoppit Tue 08-Feb-05 18:27:11

YG - i use tots & fuzzis. not using my size 2s yet for dd (shes stil a small dot)

let me know if you wantr to try them out ( have a squiz at all my other types!) wouldnt be a prob to pop across for you to borrow for a couple of weeks rt o see how u get on


Yorkiegirl Tue 08-Feb-05 18:30:03

Message withdrawn

Bogwoppit Tue 08-Feb-05 18:48:17

cant get into msn at mo email me & we'll sort summat out

throckenholt Tue 08-Feb-05 18:50:39

I would think 20lb would be getting on the big side for size 2 - probably better to go straight to the next size. At least my boys are all on the small side for their age but the size 2 looks/looked small on them at age 2. But I guess if she potty trains early you would be ok.

Only caveat - in our hard water area tots bots go quite rough (no tumble drying) - motherease and popolini one-size tend to stay softer.

Tyg Tue 08-Feb-05 21:39:28

Can I chip in here...? As both a totsbots and fuzzi user (ALSO Kooshies, Snugglenaps, and the occasinoal Motherease - I think we are talking a serious cloth nappy habit here...!)

Love both of them - and actually also my kooshies; I use Kooshies or the Fuzzsters during the day, when they don't have to go so long, and keep Totsbots for night nappies - they are the night-nappies from heaven, and I don't even use a booster with them (but DS ain't that huge - only 25th centile). And by the by - I always part-tumble-dry them, precisely to keep them soft - if you hang them they get v. scratchy, but just the last 20 mins in tumble-dryer will soften them up, and they've been through 2 kids and they're still fine, you can tumble-dry them, it's a myth you can't. They are GREAT. Am v. happy with this regime, works well for me.

But NB Kooshies work much better with DD (currently nearly 11 mths) than they did for older DS - kooshies always leaked for her, whether because a girl or just bigger, i dunno. though, bizarrely enough, on other hand the fuzzies occasionally leak for him, which they didn;t for her - and that is down to weight, he has skinnier butt & thighs, she had real pork-sausage upper legs so the leg-holes fitted better - whereas spindleshanks ds has loose leggies and a slight leakage problem ...! BUT NOT WITH TOTSBOTS!!

But actually the reason I stopped using totsbs during the day to start with is when he was just sitting, he found it harder to stay upright on them, they're so much 'fatter' on the bum than others!

Tyg Tue 08-Feb-05 21:43:25

P.S to last - OOPS I see I got my DD and DS mixed up!! It's DS who's 11 mths & for whom Kooshies work better(and DD for whom they leaked a bit). Duh! sorry...

Bogwoppit Tue 08-Feb-05 22:13:59

hav esizes 1 2 & 3 ( cos ds used to wear em) so you can take yr pick of what to borrow~!

SenoraPostrophe Tue 08-Feb-05 22:16:58

dd is still in size 2 tots bots (just, with XL wraps) at 2.7 (about 14kg I think).

vkone Thu 10-Feb-05 16:59:14

Hi, I am now confirmed Tots Bots addict, having been a late starter (DS was 11 mths when we switched), we're using size 2 and bumbles (which my DH loves).

Please excuse me for putting a slightly different question, I've ordered a fleece redrap from Tots Bots having just tried a regular tots wrap (I usually use Motherease) which is huge.

Anyway, I've noticed alot of the redraps on ebay - are they all they're cracked up to be? Am I going to be another mother, who tries it once and then sells it on and should I exchange it for a regular wrap without trying it first?

Apologies for the ramble!

pickledonion Thu 10-Feb-05 17:07:31

I have a 30lb heavy wetting three year can anyone recomend any for nighttime use

Twiga Thu 10-Feb-05 17:09:17

Hi, just got my advice through from the nappylady as well, and tots bots were recommended, so thanks for the comments so far, have been handy to read. Does anyone have an opinion on wether the aplex ones are easier to use or if the nippas are ok? Also, has anyone just used re-useable from day one or did you use disposables for a few weeks, and how practical is it in hospital etc? Still a way to go before I have to make any choices as is first pg and am just over 11 weeks, but keen to get as much info as poss. Thanks Twiga

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