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DS 2.5 dry at night but will pee in pants during the day....

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HouseFullofCherubs Mon 21-Jul-08 11:07:40

Hello all, hope you can help..

Is this normal. Started to introduce potty on Friday with aid of biscuits - more of an experiment than a deliberate attempt to start training...(Before the aid of bribes he would point blank refuse to go on it)..
He went on every half hour or so and did wee.

From then on he has been dry every night (4 nights in row) so must have unconscious bladder control?

I know that he understands what is required of him regarding the potty/toilet but he is still happy to wee in his pants while looking at me .

Am I expecting too much from him just because of the dry nights - I hope i am not coming across as some pushy, obsessive control freak blush, but I can't help feeling that there is an element of defiance in his actions!

Sorry for the long post

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