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About to start potty training with DS aged 3, any advice please?

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daisycat01 Sun 20-Jul-08 18:37:25

DS is about to turn 3 and still in nappies. He will happily sit on the loo, its just working out exactly what to do to get the link of needing the loo and going in time. DO you have any advice. I was thinking that I will have to hibernate for a few days, get rid of nappies and spend every hour asking him if he needs the loo and putting him there until it clicks. Is this how you all did it?

simpson Sun 20-Jul-08 18:45:48

watching this with interest as am in the same position. Ds nearly 3 still in nappies. We are going cold turkey on wed (have day out planned with family on tues) Was planning to do the same as you going to loo every hour etc. DS is desperate for a scooter so going use that as bribing tool. Might be the best £20 we have ever spent smile

Hopefully someone will come along with some fab advice that will work grin

One thing I am going to do though is keep an old empty packet of nappies and show it to him the eve before and say "nappies all gone in the day" and see if that helps...

TJ1976 Sun 20-Jul-08 19:08:22

I have just potty/toilet trained my 2.6 year old ds. It has gone very well. I decided to take the plunge as I wanted to get him dry for pre school in sept. He was a nightmare with his nappies and never wanted to take them off and was very happy to sit in a wet/soiled nappy for hours if he could. I thought I would be in for a tough time. I started the training on a week when the weather turned warm. I stayed home for 3-4 days and let him run around without a nappy on. He wee'd on the floor a couple of times and in doing this I introduced the potty to him. He was happy to give it a go as he didn't like having the wee accidents over the floor. I then moved onto putting pants on him (he didn't like them!), I decided he might feel better in boxer shorts so I took him shopping to buy some of his choice. It worked wonders. He now sits on the toilet with a trainer seat (I'm not sure what you call them!). I didn't use pull ups as I feel they are a waste of time and money. I didn't do stickers or treats either. I would buy him a little car (for a £1) each week to reward him. I felt my words and cuddles was enough praise and he loves feeling like a big boy. Haven't tried the night dryness yet. I think we've had enough change for the time being! I hope some of what I have written will help! Good luck!

daisycat01 Sun 20-Jul-08 19:13:32

Thanks for that! While I was writing my OP I had sat DS on the toliet, he did a wee on it and then got down, went into his bedroom and did 2 poos on the floor.... great sign!!hmm

simpson Sun 20-Jul-08 20:24:35

LOL daisycat grin

I won't be laughing on wed though!!

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