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23 month Boy - Taking his nappie off at night time!!

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Nightlilly Sun 20-Jul-08 07:41:47

My 23 month old boy has started to take his nappie off at night for a week or so now. Me or daddy will put a new one on him during the night if we have herd him but he will take it off again by morning. He does not cry during the night he takes it off and goes to sleep !! During the day he is happy to wear a nappie. He will tell me sometimes he is weeing and has know for sometime when he is about to poo. As this is my only child its all new to me - should i be potty training even though he is only 23months old?? Thanks

RubySlippers Sun 20-Jul-08 07:54:10

my 2.1 year old has been doing this

we tried putting him back in babygros but he can also unbutton those

not sure what to do - we have tried and given up on potty training so not sure it is to do with that

i have NO advice but hopefully someone else will grin

Nightlilly Sun 20-Jul-08 08:10:54

Yep lets hope so!!

merryandmad Sun 20-Jul-08 08:20:28

Try switching to pull ups. My dd2 likes to to take her nappy off- purely because she likes the sound of pulling at the sticky tab on and off. We switched to pull ups and it seems to have solved the problem- also handy if you are going to attempt to potty train. 23months is quite young to potty train- but it has been done- you could give it a trial or just encourage sitting on the potty and getting used it it

belgo Sun 20-Jul-08 08:39:47

He could be ready for potty training, there's no harm in trying. My dd1 was trained at 23 months, and her sister at 19 months.

nannyL Sun 20-Jul-08 09:07:24

my charge did this at the same age...

we resorted to pampers easy up pants (which i took several weeks beforehe couldget them off)

also combined with a poppered vest on the wrong way round. I appreiate in this weather you might not want a vest on too though

a light weight grobag might help too!

nannyL Sun 20-Jul-08 09:07:48

and we also put his popepred baby grows on back to front

Nightlilly Sun 20-Jul-08 09:32:32

Thanks, ill buy the pull ups and see what happens! He can undo the vests and can undo the poppers / zip on the grow bag!! Determined little boy i have lol. I will also go and read the post's on best ways to potty train a 23 month old if i can find any...Any ideas where i start with the potty training? Thanks for the advise

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