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Trainer seat that fits a stupid rectangular toilet...Help

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elsiefergie Sat 19-Jul-08 20:44:14

I've got a "modern" retangular toilet and can't find any trainer seat that will fit over the big seat wihtout being very wobbily and having loads of gaps that DD could trap a hand in. Have tried one from John Lewis that goes under the seat, and has a top like a pottie, but that still moves loads and is impossible for my DD to get on/off herself (her arse onto it, not the seat on the toilet IYSWIM). I remember seeing fancy training seats with steps somewhere on the internet awhile ago. would they work with my toilet or does anyone have any other ideas?

tutu100 Sat 19-Jul-08 22:03:25

I bought the baby bjorn toilet training seat for our very awkwardly shaped seat as we were having exactly the same problems as you. It was pricey at £20, but it has a dial which means you can adjust it so it fits our seat perfectly.

Before that I bought 4 different seats which in total came to £20 and were all useless. I bought one of these 3 in 1 potty things which you can take the top off to use on the toilet and even that didn't fit.

bodiddly Sat 19-Jul-08 22:07:46

I had this problem and bought the one tutu is talking about. It claims it will adjust to fit any toilet and has been fine on mine where all others have failed! Pricey but works ... that said I have only bought one for the downstairs loo .. he has to make do with a potty upstairs because there is no way I am spending £40 on loo seats for a toddler!

elsiefergie Thu 31-Jul-08 21:04:30

Thanks for the suggestion, finally went out and got the baby bjorn seat, fits beautifully, and DD is very pleased to be pooing and peeing in the big toilet.

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