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My Bumgenius V2 are starting to fail on me, arggg, anyone have any advice please

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Charliepw Fri 18-Jul-08 20:41:53

I am really hoping somebody has some advice for me.
I have various different nappies that i use, tots bots, Imse Vimse, wraps etc... and some pocket nappies for out and about.

My pocket Bumgenius's velcro tabs are starting to be less sticky, which is a pain in the bottom when a poo escapes etc...
I guess these nappies are about 14 months old.

I've tried the advice from their website on tumble drying them to try to make the loop and hocks spring out but that hasn't really worked, i've tumbled them a few times and it's hardly made a difference.

At the moment all i can do it put a big(ish) pair of her big sisters pants over the top to try to keep them together, which sometimes works, but i don't have many pants big enough to fit over her bottom and nappy.

-Anyone had the same experience as me, and if so how are you resolving it?
-Anyone have any advice on anything else i could do?

I did wonder about sewing extra bits of velcro onto the existing tabs, but i'm not sure how well it will work.


BigBadMousey Fri 18-Jul-08 21:11:40

Do you still have the receipt? I'd defintely complain - hardly a btp if it only lasts 14 months!

BG have acknowledged the problem themselves by changing the fastening for the V3 - they must have had a fair few complaints to make sure a big thing about the 'new improved hook and loop' hmm

The only thing I can think of to try is to pick at the velcro with a pin to try and lift the sticky bits again. Receipt or not I'd complain anyway - you may get a V3 as a replacement.

Charliepw Sat 19-Jul-08 23:26:37

Thanks, Mousey
i will try to complain about them, it is very frustrating.


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