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Any help please...very pooey 5.5 DS and 2.5 DD..what can we do?

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oldtimerfulltimer Fri 18-Jul-08 01:20:20

my partner and I are feeling a bit frustrated at the moment as both our son 5 and half and daughter 2 and half are pooing in their pants and in DD's case, anywhere else she chooses!!! Darling son has always been great at going to the loo and looking after his toiletry needs - it can change if something is worrying him and have been trying to see if there's anything. Adorable daughter has been using the potty and toilet quite well since 2nd birthday but recently not wanting to go on potty or toilet but happy to poo in pants or anywhere else for that matter. To be honest its driving me mad in practical terms and its worrying me as regards the children and getting them back into good habits. In desperate need of advice - do you have any please?

Elk Fri 18-Jul-08 10:24:52

I sympathise massively and wish I could help. DD2 (2.8) is currently pooing everywhere, yesterday I cleaned the carpet three times and she even smeared it on the hall wall!

I will watch with interest to see if anyone has any good ideas!

(dd1 was constipated so never had this problem with her)

oldtimerfulltimer Sat 19-Jul-08 22:43:32

thanks Elk. Poor you - poo on the wall!! lets see if there's any advice coming...
today I've been trying to be very cool about it with DD and celebrate like mad when she gets on the loo or potty - we'll see!

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