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Tips for changing nappies on a wriggling 1 yr old!

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penona Thu 17-Jul-08 08:45:18

Does anyone have any tips for changing nappies on babies once they can roll away/kick you/crawl off? My two are both SO wriggly it is driving me insane. I change them on the floor, for safety, but unless I strap them down with my legs (one arm isn't enough!!!) they just wriggle away and end up wiping their bums on the carpet. Which isn't very nice. Plus they scream v loud when I pin them down which I can't bear, makes me feel like a terrible mum.

I have tried giving them a toy/watch/remote control/baby wipe packet etc to play with, which works once but with 6 changes a day on 2 babies I am running out of ideas. Is there a magic secret I don't know?!

SirDigbyChickenCaesar Thu 17-Jul-08 08:47:21

pull ups. they were a god send at this age!

luckylady74 Thu 17-Jul-08 08:51:15

I used to do it with them standing up - it worked for me as I think they felt more in charge - is harder to clean them up that way though - andyou must put them on a mat!

lillypie Thu 17-Jul-08 08:51:47

I sometimes use a tip I saw on here.

I put stickers on her hands

This sometimes works grin

penona Thu 17-Jul-08 08:52:58

SDCC - what brand of pull ups do you recommend? I have tried Pampers which are fine for my DD but my DS is too skinny and they don't fit snugly enough in the event of a poo...

SirDigbyChickenCeasar Thu 17-Jul-08 09:01:01

i think i used pampers or tesco. but my DS was rather, er, rotund...

loler Thu 17-Jul-08 09:34:41

A box of raisins and sitting on the floor with my feet on his shoulders. Remember like everything else it's just a (really annoying) phase wink

Dragonbutter Thu 17-Jul-08 09:35:56

i tried the sticker one after reading the tip on here.
before i got the nappy on him he was eating the sticker!
where did i go wrong?

BigBadMousey Thu 17-Jul-08 10:21:22

try a change of location. My DD2 was a nightmare at nappy change time for me but always very good at nursery apparently envy. I worked out that she would be as good as gold if I changed her on a change table - something I had avoided previously due to her excessive wriggliness. Even now at 2.3 if I change her on the floor she is a nightmare.

Pulls ups will help but are v expensive (esp if you have to use them in the long term) and you'll still have to lay them down for dirty nappies. Also I found that disposable pull ups were quite a bit less absorbant than normal disposables.

IHadABetterNameButYouStoleIt Thu 17-Jul-08 10:23:08

i do mine on my lap that way she cnt wriggle as much or she will fall onto the floor. though she seems to be trying to fall onto the floor atm so i will have to change tactics i think!!!!!

lillypie Fri 18-Jul-08 14:34:57

Dragonbutter you need stickier stickers grin

Dragonbutter Wed 23-Jul-08 21:32:44

ah right. will look out for super strength 1 year old proof stickers. smile

penona Wed 23-Jul-08 21:41:57

Thanks for the tips.

I had a better name... I am STILL trying to work out how you change a nappy with a baby on your lap! I can put a nappy on a clean post-bath bum, but changing a pooey one on your lap? really?

Oh, and dragonbutter, please what is the sticker tip? Do you put them across their mouth to stop the noise? (JOKE!)

accessorizequeen Wed 23-Jul-08 22:01:16

Change of location might well make a difference, though it was the other way round to BBM with me - it was the changing table that was upsetting him & he behaved much better when I used a folding mat on the floor. Now he's a bit older (19 months) I sing his favourite songs and he does the actions and calms down but I had months of it grrrr. Doing it with sposies a darn sight easier (I use cloth) but you've got two! I seem to remember tescos pullups were skinnier fitting than pampers.

snickersnack Wed 23-Jul-08 22:08:08

I lie him between my legs, and use my legs to pin down his shoulders. He's a wriggly little blighter though, many is the time I've pursued him across the hall while his poo-ey bum disappears into the distance.

milkybarsrus Wed 23-Jul-08 23:25:47

OMG when I read your thread it brought back memories of a year ago! My little one used to wriggle like crazy and sometimes you feel like they're going to snap , its really horrible! It got so bad that i left nappy changing til it was absolutely necessary and couldn't be left any longer. This sounds bad, but if you buy huggies or pampers they last for 12 hours, and no I'm not suggesting that for one minute you leave them all day in one! But, just limit it a bit? blush.
Or, here whisperer style. give them something that they are never allowed normally to touch or play with (something special) like a photo, keyring, mums purse hmm? Or give them a choice of which nappy they want to wear (go by the pictures on the front) let them get the nappy sack ready whilst laying there and go and get the wipes etc. let them put the changing mat on the floor. the more involved they are the better.
Oh, and good luck!

treacletart Thu 24-Jul-08 00:01:47

Can I stick my neck out and suggest you might make your life a bit easier by changing them less - I only change immediately after a pooh - I'm quite happy to leave a wet nappy till it's quite heavy. I use Nature disposable on my wriggly 1 year old DD. I really like them because they seem very breathable and I average maybe 3 changes a day. She never has a sore bottom or a dot of rash.

luvaduck Thu 24-Jul-08 00:16:22

i have a v wriggly almost 11 month old - and can only change while he's standing up. i put various objects on a chair for him to play with and just go for it. but yes often there is the poo across floor isuue. nice.

penona Thu 24-Jul-08 09:10:35

Thanks I will try changing them a bit less today (poo only), and the legs on the shoulders trick. They had terrible nappy rash a few months ago after a tummy bug, so I've gone all newborn on them and keep changing them all the time.
Although they don't seem to need it. Why are babies so unbothered about sitting in a big poo? I would HATE it!

bealos Thu 24-Jul-08 20:04:57

a straitjacket

katebee Thu 24-Jul-08 21:14:32

I used a cot top changer from birth till at least 2 with my wriggly DS...I found it easier to change him at that height and he had no where to wriggle to..

I used normal active fit nappies (not pull ups). My DS used to fidget and try and turn over..I think I used to give him books to look at..if he still wriggled....just tried to hold his legs down with one arm, whilst cleaning him up with the other.

Try not to react if they start fidgeting..and plough on son always picked up quickly when I became stressed and played up more to get a reaction.. he seemed to see it as one big game trying to wriggle and twist as much as possible when he was being changed..

susiecutiebananas Thu 24-Jul-08 23:54:56

At that age, I got DD to stand in front of the mirror ( at floor level of course! ) and did it standing up. I use cloth nappies, but found if I fastened the leg bits first ( fuzzibunz) I could get her to step into the clean one like pants. Then adjust it a bit later on... She is still wriggly at 18 months,so we still do it standing up, and she's starting to co-operate more in bending down a bit to wipe.

Recently, she's had terrible diarrhea and thrush from antibiotics, so I put her into huggies nappy pants. ( couldn't keep up with 8-10 dirty ones a day!) They come in size 4 - 5 maybe as small as size 3 actually, and possible bigger. But deffo size 4 and 5.

The actual name of them is : Huggies Little Walkers Nappy Pants . They're really comfy ( look like they are, I've ot actually tried them on.... wink ) They have had good containment and absorbency and even not bad over night.

I will be going back to my fuzzibunz for many reasons, but these have been good for this horrible time, and she loves trying to pull them up too. I do recommend them. HTH

eidsvold Fri 25-Jul-08 02:04:27

Aldi pull up nappies - still very absorbent but so much easier. Only time she has ones with tabs - night time sleep. ALso used huggies nappy pants - but dd3 is not big enough for them just yet. Aldi here do a pull up nappy for 12kgs.

chatname Wed 30-Jul-08 21:42:34

We have a Rabbitts changing mat with a harness, which I got cos I thought it would be safer. It is supposed to be esp good for wriggly tots. LO not yet of an age to be a problem wriggler though, so can't confirm how well it works for toddlers from experience!

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